Womens Red Tartan Suit

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Well hello there! If you're reading this (hi, mum) I'm can report my blogging break is officially over. Hurrah! I won't bore you with the details but your girl is back. I've been a bit of a lurker, reading blogs on the daily (am I the only one who still does this?) and following my faves on Instagram, but not commenting much or documenting my outfits or travels. 

So yes, I've still been travelling and buying cute clothes but I've felt a bit of an inner shift. Like most of my fellow Millennials, I'm trying to make better decisions. I've been vegetarian for over a year, I've started to reduce my waste, I'm really into fitness and fast fashion makes me feel a bit yucky. After watching the 'Stacey Dooley Investigates, Fashion's Dirty Secrets' documentary I stopped buying clothes altogether while I figured out what my next step was. How could I enjoy fashion if my habit is harming the environment?

It's a big question, one I still can't answer, but I'm now determined to buy less. I'm embracing second hand clothes and if I do purchase new items, I'm only buying quality pieces I know I'll wear over and over again. But seriously, why do I need another pair of jeans when I already have a pile in my wardrobe!? Answer: I don't.

Womens Red Tartan Suit

Womens Tailoring SS19
Bristol Style Influencer
River Island Red Tartan Suit

Suit: River Island - Shoes: Fred's - Hat: Levi's - Necklace: Johnny Loves Rosie

With all that being said, I'm still letting myself buy clothes that bring me joy if I know I'll get a lot of use out of them... Thank you Marie Kondo! Which explains this epic River Island red tartan suit. I first spotted this subtle number on mega babe Amy of The Little Magpie at the end of last year. I really liked the relaxed fit and how Amy had styled it but I was still on a shopping hiatus back then. So when I saw it again in the January sales, I used some birthday cash to treat myself.

*Adopt the brace position* I'm ending this post with a bit of sad news... Jade has decided to hang up her leopard boots and leave The Style Rawr! SOB. It was a decision she made quite some time ago but I'm only just coming to terms with it. You've probably noticed she hasn't written a post for over a year but it's official now. She's still the best pretend big sister a girl could ever ask for and we're still as close as ever. MISS YOU J. We always said we'd only ever accept a guest post from Britney Spears but I'm now opening that up to J too. Never say never!

- T 

P.S These photos were taken last week before the cold snap hit! I now feel cold just looking at them.

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