Next Cream Pom Pom Sweater

Tuesday 20 February 2018

How many pom pom jumpers is too many? Answers on a postcard! As mentioned in my previous post, I've been really impressed by Next's knitwear this season. This cute cream pom pom sweater reminds me of one my mum had in the 80s and I love how cosy it is. Oversized pom pom jumpers seem to be extremely popular as of late, with most of the big style Igers embracing them, and I'm completely on board with this trend. I like that this one from Next is so accessible, no need to order online and wait weeks for it to arrive from China. It's machine washable but it will be chilling in my handwash pile as I intend to keep this little gem in top condition. It also comes in red if you prefer a pop of colour. Nom.

On Sunday we took a stroll along the Bristol harbourside where we took these photos. It was a little drizzly so I'm really looking forward to Spring, this city is just beautiful in the sunshine and taking outfit photos in the dry is easier. Bloggers from warmer climes, I hope you realise how lucky you are! Ah well, at least the evenings are getting lighter. I can't believe the sun was still out when I got home earlier today. Hurrah!

Next Fashion Pom Pom

Next Cream Jumper
Next Cream Pom Pom Jumper
The Style Rawr Street Style
Kate Spade Metro 5 OClock Somewhere Watch

Jumper: Next - Jeans: River Island - Watch: Kate Spade

I accidentally purchased this lovely 5 O'Clock Somewhere Kate Spade watch at the weekend, it was almost 80% off so pretty impossible to resist considering I've wanted it for months. Good things come to those who wait! One day I'll do a post on my watch collection. I have quite a few (whatever, Chloe) but they spark joy.

Do you guys have a go-to store for knitwear? Are you a fellow watch wearer?  - T

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