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Thursday, 30 March 2017

There she goes, the blazer girl. That's my new mission at work, to become known as the blazer girl. I always used to be the hat girl (not a title I wish to give up) but over the past few weeks I've purchased 6 new blazers. Uh...Whoops? I've been looking for a way to spruce up my work outfits and since I have a huge, recently purchased wardrobe and some extra hanging space, I figured I'd buy some new (to me) jackets! 

If I'm being honest, I actually bought this Oasis nautical long jacket a few months ago in the sale and it isn't one of the 6 newbies. Oasis jackets are my favourite, they have a great fit and last for years. I managed to score 3 on eBay for next to nothing!

Womens Nautical Blazer
Bristol Fashion Influencer
Henry London Westminster Moon Phase Watch
Nike Air Max 90 Khaki Trainers

Blazer: Oasis - Watch: Henry London Westminster - Trainers: Nike Air Max 90

So this may be a work-esque outfit (I work in for a digital marketing agency) but I couldn't resist wearing this blazer on the weekend because it's so darn versatile. As it was Nike Air Max day on Sunday, it made sense for me to sport my Nike Air Max 90 trainers in Khaki. I bought these from ASOS for about £60 which is a great price for my favourite style of trainers (which normally cost over £100). I tend to be a 6 in Nike Air Max but a few of the pairs I own are a *tiny* bit small so I opted for a roomy size 6.5 this time.

As for my awesome watch, it's by Henry London! I've previously featured the brand a few times on the blog, I gave Sam one of their watches as a wedding gift and another to my Dad. The Henry London Westminster watch has to be the coolest style they have. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've been looking for a moonphase watch for years. My mum had a moonphase watch when I was a child and I bought Sam one a couple of years back but couldn't find one I loved (and could afford) for myself... Until recently. If you can afford to spend a couple of thousand pounds on a nice moonphase watch, you have options. If you don't have that sort of budget, you can either buy a cheap poor quality timepiece or keep looking. WELL, that was until Henry London burst on the scene! Hurrah.

This watch comes with either a mesh strap or the version I opted for, a lovely brown leather one. It has a vintage look to it and as you can personalise Henry London watches with engraving, mine has my new married name on the back. Can I get an "Awww"!?

In other news, Bristol is so beautiful in the sunshine so I'm hoping this glorious weather will continue for a little while longer. If not, I think it's time we booked a weekend away! If anyone can recommend any (cheap) European getaways, please holla at me. Also, if any London bloggers are heading to The Bloggers Market this weekend, let me know. - T

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