Womens Black Levi's Sherpa Jacket

Friday, 20 January 2017

After watching Stranger Things, I got it into my head that I wanted a black Levi's Sherpa jacket. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one for women, so decided to live vicariously through Sam by buying him the men's version. Lucky guy, right? I still wanted to embrace my inner Nancy Wheeler so ended up buying a high street version which I rarely wore, because my heart just wasn't in it. 

Fast forward six months and I've finally managed to get my paws on this Levi's denim jacket, complete with Sherpa lining! Good things really do come to those who wait because I even got it on sale. A complete bargain at just £55 instead of £110. 

Womens Black Levis Jacket

Womens Levis Sherpa Jacket
Adidas Hamburg Trainers Clear Granite
Chilli and Lime Moon Phase Necklace

Jacket: Levi's at USC - Hat: Levi's - Trainers: Adidas - Necklace: Chilli & Lime 

So yes, I've reverted back to an all black ensemble but I just couldn't resist wearing my new favourite jacket after waiting so long for it. It was a bit of a gamble when it came to ordering the right size (this is a small) but it paid off. Not everyone will be a fan of the retro, boxy fit but I kind of like how old school it is. My mum used to wear Levi's jeans when she was young, apparently the smallest size they sold back in the 70s was a 10, so she would sit in a cold bath with them on until they shrunk. She'd also bleach them herself because they only came in one wash... We've got it so easy these days. 

Following on from my previous outfit post, I'm sporting another piece of celestial jewellery. Sam bought me this unusual Chilli & Lime Moon Phase Necklace for Christmas and I've hardly taken it off since. I like that it has a glass dome and looks like a photograph, you can even choose from different type of moons. I predict a new obsession coming on.

So, I accidentally bought another pair of neutral trainers. These Adidas Hamburg Suede trainers in Clear Granite were another sale bargain and too hard to resist. They're also my first pair of Adidas trainers, I went for my normal Nike size when I really should've sized down. They feel a little loose but I can still make them work for the price. I'm mostly looking forward to wearing them in spring/summer with some cute dresses.

Does TV influence your fashion choices? Do you have a favourite brand of sneakers? - T.

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