My Pre-Party Routine

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The past few weeks have been full of celebrations. First Christmas, followed by New Year and tomorrow, is my birthday. Huzzah! During December I consumed a lot of food and attended quite a few parties. I love getting dressed up in beautiful frocks and wearing lots of sparkles but as every woman knows, it's hard work getting party-ready. 

Everyone has their own pre-party routine, but today I'm sharing how I get ready for an evening out. I'd be interested to know what your routines are too, and discover how they differ from mine. I probably take about 1.5 - 2 hours to get ready because boy, do I hate rushing (and Sam knows it). 

So here goes! How I prepare for a party:

1. Have a shower/bath and wash my hair. Obviously. If I have extra time, I'll light some candles and have a relaxing bath.

2. Moisturise. I smother my skin in lotions and potions and treat my hair to some liquid gold.

3. Put on a pair of clean jammies. I remember visiting a friend's house when I was a young teenager and seeing his older sister in her PJs, getting ready for a night on the town. I remember this moment clearly because it seemed so weird but at the same time, made a lot of sense. For more than 10 years, I've worn pyjamas when getting ready to go out. I adore this Pretty Secrets floral set shown below (currently in the sale) and prefer silk or satin over cotton.

Pre-Party Pamper Routine

Simply Be Nightwear
Pyjamas & slippers: Simply Be (c/o)

Of course when I'm wearing pyjamas, I also have a pair of slippers on my feet... of the fluffy variety during winter. These Just Sheepskin Duchess Mule slippers are oh so comfy and go figure, I love the animal print. I want chilled, *don't rush* vibes around me at all times.

4. Pump out the tunes. Gosh, what did we do before Spotify was invented? I have to play music when I'm getting ready, it puts me in the right mood and ready for the night. My playlist of choice right now? I love my 90s R&B. Ooooh yes.

How to prepare for a night out

5. Apply makeup. Now, I'm sure there are people out there who do their hair first (I'm not judging...) but I like to sort my face out before moving onto the challenge that is my mane. Long hair problems.

6. Time for some pre-drinks. Regardless of whether or not I'm drinking alcohol, I want to sip on a refreshing beverage while I'm getting dolled up. Drinks are a nice time out and help keep me relaxed. No rushing, remember. ;)

Anthropologie Agate Slice
Glasses & agate slice: Anthropologie

If I'm feeling classy, I'll get out the Anthropologie glasses. So Instagramable. Am I right!?

7. Time to tackle my hair. Ugh. Shall I wear it down? Wavy? Braided? Straight? The pre-party hair struggles are real, which is why this is the last thing I do before I get dressed.

8. Throw on that frock and accessorise. Usually with a hat and lots of sparkles.

9. Time to spritz my favourite perfume and slip into those heels (or heeled boots, depending on the event).

10. Obligatory selfie time! Even if it's just for Snapchat.

Now it's over to you! How do you prepare for a night out? Do you also wear PJs when you're getting ready? I'm heading to London tomorrow to tackle the Crystal Maze - I'm hoping I'll have birthday luck and be victorious ha ha. This weekend I'll hopefully be having a meal with friends, giving me another excuse to dress up. - T.

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