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Wednesday 23 November 2016

I'm a big Star Wars fan, but sometimes I long for some sophisticated merch amongst the fun, nerd out stuff, you know? So when passionate about pens store Pen Heaven got in touch to show me the amazing range of Cross Star Wars pens and journals I was like, oh HELL yes! 

Cross Pens is regarded as America's oldest manufacturer of writing instruments, and the pioneer of the mechanical pencil. Their designs are inspired by Art Deco and Manhattan architecture with aerodynamic lines and gleaming finishes. So basically, they're just beautiful, timeless pieces and it's all kinds of awesome that they've teamed up with Star Wars to create this amazing themed range. The range starts at just £30 for a click ballpoint pen like this gold C3PO one I have here, to £55 for a ballpoint and journal set, rising through to £295 for a limited edition Townsend style rollerball pen. If I may venture an opinion, regardless of your budget these pieces make perfect gifts for any Star Wars fan, and I am in love with mine!

Pen - Cross Star Wars c/o Pen Heaven

Pen Heaven Cross Star Wars

Pen Heaven Cross Star Wars BB8

Pen Heaven Cross Star Wars

Pen Heaven Cross Star Wars BB8

It writes like a dream in smooth gel ink, with a clean rollerball movement, and makes me want to take up letter writing just so I can use it more often! I love how stylish it looks (I totally wish I had bought one for my Star Wars themed wedding guest book!) and it totally looks the part on my desk. 

This £30 slimline style is available in C3PO (as pictured here), Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2D2 and BB-8 and comes gift boxed and ready for gifting action. So if you know someone like me who is programmed for etiquette, not destruction, a Cross Star Wars pen from Pen Heaven is the perfect gift choice this Christmas! 

J xoxo

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