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Wednesday 16 November 2016

Rawr fave Andrew Collinge (we've met don't you know) has released a fab new range of styling products, CO by Andrew Collinge, and I got my paws on a few bits to try out. The new products were developed through collabs between Andrew and his fab MUA wife Liz, along with their clients and colleagues, so it's a fully rounded pro line consisting of 9 premium, unisex, results driven products and is exclusive to purchase from

I tried the Hair Moisturiser (£8 for £150ml) for heat protection and shine, definitely something my long, constantly blow dried hair needs. It contains Argan Oils to smooth, detangle and hydrate. I noticed a distinct difference in the ends of my hair after blowing, I had that fabulous light as air whip flick going on and my split ends (big sorry to my stylist) looked minimal so that's a big positive for me.

Once dry, I always twist my hair into a bun and spritz a little hairspray on it because I like the tousled waves it sets into when I take it out 30 mins or so later. So this is where the Firm Hold Hairspray (£5.50 for 100ml) comes in, and oh my god it smells amazing! The scent is listed as Sandalwood, and it's so yummy and spicy, unlike any other hairspray I've ever tried. I only use a light spray but when I take out the bun there is no stickiness or crunchiness to the waves and my hair is bouncy and light - hurrah! 

Finally I used the Definer (£10 for 100ml) to seal the style, rubbing a little between my fingers and palms and using it to lightly 'scrunch' (awful retro term there soz) the wavy ends to give them a glossy, tat free finish - beaut. I can see my man robbing this one too because again, the sandalwood scent is a bit of alright.

Products c/o Andrew Collinge.

CO by Andrew Collinge review

CO by Andrew Collinge review

I don't think you can go wrong with a proven professional line like Andrew Collinge. You can't argue with a fourth gen salon dynasty, plus my mum loved him and the Liverpool salon, so I followed on in her hairsteps by buying the stying products as soon as my pocket money allowed me to :)

I'll be trying the Invisible Dry Shampoo next (I rather unashamedly love the stuff and like to try every newbie that drops, and a premium one is the dream) and I think I'll get Tim the Clay as he has thick hair and this claims to prevent over-mattifying, which is a problem we are actually familiar with believe it or not!

In other hair news, I'm considering chopping my hair to my shoulders and getting a golden ombre. It's a big deal but I'm getting bored of my waist length braaaaahhhhhhnnnn hair now and fancy a change. I'll be taking objections and opinions until December so if you feel truly strongly about it please stand up.

J xoxo

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