Iron Fist My Little Pony Blouse With Spoiled Brat

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

So it's been a while, but I've been busy becoming MRS EGERTON! ;) 

Anyhoo, despite being all grown up and married and such like, I still enjoy a bit of childhood nostalgia combined with some good old fashion fun so one of my first assignments post-single lady life is to show you this fab Iron Fist My Little Pony blouse from Spoiled Brat (£43.99). I've always liked a bit of Iron Fist, it's a fun brand and some of the designs they come out with are just inspired, with this blouse definitely planting it's hooves in that category! The colours are just amazing, so bright and cheery, and the pattern is of course, delightful. If you're a die hard Brony like me (I have a collection of Rainbow Dash dolls and watch Friendship Is Magic whenever I can), you have to have this. Everypony (yes I wore it to work!) who sees it can't help but get excited by the colours and the memories it brings on! The material is a slinky chiffon, but not too see through as you can see here because I only have a nude bra on underneath and it's invisible. You can't fault Iron Fist quality, it continues to be strong and worth every penny. I kept it simple here and paired it with double denim and pastel DM's, but it would look pretty darn cute tucked into a little A-Line skirt and some ankle boots if you prefer a girlier look. If you're looking for sizing info, I'm a UK12 and this is a size L. I probably could've swung the M but I'm a terror for sizing up and this is comfortable for me.

Outfit : Blouse - Iron Fist c/o Spoiled Brat, Jeans - Gap, Jacket - Gap, Boots - Dr Martens.

Iron Fist My Little Pony Blouse Liverpool Blogger

Iron Fist My Little Pony Blouse GAP UK Liverpool Blogger

Iron Fist My Little Pony Blouse GAP UK Liverpool Blogger

Iron Fist My Little Pony Blouse

If this is your sort of thing you should definitely check out the new look Spoiled Brat. The revamped webby is easy to navigate and the updated brand lines are insanely covetable, taking me back to the days of having a huge want list in my faves bar! 

After this MLP line and with Care Bears already in the bag, I'm hoping Iron Fist will get onto Jem and The Holograms next . . .  ;)

J xoxo

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