Funkin Cocktail Pina Colada Mixer Review

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Yes I like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the raaain. I'm not much into health food but I am into champaaagne... ;)

Piña Colada is my favourite cocktail. It's probably everyone's favourite cocktail, right? First created in 1954 in Puerto Rico, this sweet, rum-based cocktail is simply delightful and my go-to when I hit the town. A little while back, Rawr faves Funkin' Cocktails sent me a surprise bundle to help me celebrate Piña Colada day. Those guys know me oh so well.

Funkin Cocktails Mixer Review

Funkin Cocktail Pina Colada Mixer
DIY Pina Coladas

I adore cocktails and I love the idea of owning a cocktail making kit (I've been to a few AWESOME classes) but let's be realistic, I'm not the kind of person who will spend ages putting together a cocktail I want to devour in 15 minutes. I am however, down for a simple cocktail mixing solution! We've been using Funkin' Cocktails for quite a long time now and they never disappoint. 

Although I didn't celebrate on the big day, these cocktails went down an absolute treat on a sunny afternoon. The cocktail mixers are super affordable and each 1L carton (£4) makes 10 cocktails. They don't taste like chemicals or sugar (I've tried many dodger mixers in my time), but are actually really fresh and fruity! I even took a bunch of the pouches to Glastonbury, in numerous flavours, and handed them out to my friends - I felt like the Milkybar kid! The pouches are ideal for festivals because they're the perfect size and are easy to carry.

If you fancy trying some Funkin' Cocktails for yourself, you can place an order via their online shop, through Amazon or via Waitrose! MMM MM.

Do you have a favourite cocktail?

T - All about the pineapple.

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