Fraser Hart: Fashionable Father of the Bride Wedding Gifts

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

We're still obsessed with weddings at Rawr Towers, Jade gets hitched in a couple of months and I'm still reminiscing about my magical day which was almost a month ago. Newly weds always tell you it's the best day of your life but you can never really grasp this until you experience it for yourself. Can we do it all again, please!?

I'm absolutely ready to plan another wedding so I'm hoping someone I know gets engaged soon! You can expect tons of wedding recap posts/tips over the next few months including gift guides. As mentioned previously, shopping for wedding gifts is tough. Especially if you have to buy gifts for 10 people, like I did. Seriously.

I love watches, I gave Sam a watch as his gift so it was a pretty easy decision to give my dad the same! Like most other wedding gifts, father-of-the-bride gifts can be pretty crummy. No my dad does not want an engraved silver hip flask or an embroidered handkerchief. Honestly.

Henry London Mens Watch

I thought it would be cute to get my dad & Sam matching watches. I gifted Sam the Henry London Chiswick watch (with a green face) so picked this equally gentlemanly Henry London Harrow watch for Dad. Let me start by saying, I had to prise this watch from my father's wrist to take these pictures. I'm not exaggerating, he is in love with this watch. He has another special timepiece which cost 6 times as much but this is his favourite. Every time we go shopping, he stares at the other Henry London watches in the Fraser Hart window... This brand is well loved by men. Sam's is also permanently attached to his wrist when he's not at work!

Henry London Harrow Watch

Henry London Harrow Watch: Fraser Hart (c/o)

I think part of the reason they love their watches so much is down to their classic shapes and the vintage vibes they give off. This particular style was inspired by the timepieces of the mid-1960s. I'm wearing it in the above pictures so you can see it's actually a great unisex piece. Sorry guys, if they go missing - chances are, I'm wearing them.

If you're looking for fashionable wedding gifts for the men in your life, I thoroughly recommend Fraser Hart & Henry London. My advice? Don't give the man who raised you the type of gift he'll end up chucking in a drawer, say thank you with a beautiful gift he'll cherish forever. 

Do you wear watches? Do you find shopping for men difficult?

T - Wants her own Henry.

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