Fraser Hart: Stylish Groom Wedding Gifts

Tuesday 3 May 2016

With less than 2 weeks until we get hitched, I've gone into panic gift buying mode! I've scoured the internet but there really aren't many stylish wedding gift guides around... So I decided to share my own.

Fraser Hart is our go-to jewellery store for special gifts. They have a huge range of ultra special wedding presents with lots of unique jewellery pieces. So many wedding presents are old fashioned or boring, but Fraser Hart has a huge range of stylish wedding gifts suitable for style savvy loved ones.

Jean Pierre Tourbillon Automatic Movement Cufflinks

Fraser Hart Groom Gifts

Jean Pierre of Switzerland Tourbillon Cufflinks: Fraser Hart (c/o)

Cufflinks make a fantastic gift for husbands-to-be. I've bought Sam a few special pairs over the years but none are quite as individual and unique as these Jean Pierre automatic watch movement cufflinks. Aren't they beautiful!? These are exactly the kind of thing Sam would love. Like me, he's drawn to unusua pieces. I don't think the pictures even do them justice, they really are incredible up close with such intricate detailing.

The cufflinks have been fitted with working Swiss-made automatic movement that moves with the motion of the wearer's wrist. I've already had hours of fun moving them around in their lovely gift box!

Henry London Chiswick Watch
Stylish Groom Gifts
Henry London Chiswick Watch: Fraser Hart (c/o)

Another classic gift choice is, of course, a watch. I hemmed and hawed over whether or not I should opt for a pocket watch, but in the end I decided on a regular wrist watch which I know Sam will get lots of wear out of. Green is his favourite colour, so I'm confident this Henry London Chiswick Watch will go down well.

It comes in a lovely presentation box and is available in multiple different colourways. I decided to try it on for size as we always share accessories and I just couldn't resist haha. It's also surprisingly affordable which is a bonus. Weddings are so expensive.

I'm still looking for one more gift to give to Sam, I've bought him a vintage 50's radiogram but I would like to buy him one more keepsake. I think I'm going to have another look at the website over the next week. I still have a mother-of-the-groom gift to get and I have to finalise what I'm giving all 5 bridesmaids. Wah!

Do you think Sam will be happy with his fashionable wedding gifts? Which style is your favourite?

T - The final countdown!

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