The George #styleYOUniform Challenge

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Earlier this month I took the George #styleYOUniform challenge! The idea is to take one George at Asda dress and style it a few different ways creating brand new looks for yourself instead of reaching for your normal everyday clothes, be it your fave jeans or your everyday boring office wear. I literally wear black trousers and the same tops for work every day, though our dress code isn't necessarily that strict! There are so many different looks roaming our office corridors, from power suits to smart denim and maxi skirts to tailored shorts, so I'm clearly just in a rut! I took this as an opportunity to switch it up a bit, giving me a way in to starting the season as I mean to go on, so I chose this really cute Embroidered Chambray Dress (just £16!) and a few complementary pieces for good measure and got to work (literally).

The first look was super simple; just the dress, a khaki jacket to cover up with and a pair of cool suede look boots. This dress doesn't need a lot to make it pop though, the light denim-esque material and embroidered features are a couple of trends in themselves. Annnnnnd people noticed, some with calls of 'Oooh Jade's got her legs out!' but mostly compliments on the dress. The first change is always the hardest, result!

George at Asda #styleYOUniform blogger outfit challenge

The second outfit swapped out the khaki jacket for a tassel wrap oatmeal cardi, which I belted to smarten it up a bit. I wouldn't normally wear such a big knit for work (I rock a selection of neat fine knit cardis usually) but I was grateful for the extra warmth considering I had a bit more skin on show, and I definitely felt like I'd made a bit more effort style-wise than my usual office by numbers look!

George at Asda #styleYOUniform blogger outfit challenge

Finally, I really went for it and rather skilfully tucked the WHOLE dress in on itself and wore it as a top with these smart stretch cropped trousers. Now maybe they all thought I had clearly lost it and didn't want to say anything, but no-one seemed to notice that it was the same dress I wore the other day! This is quite a similar silhouette to my usual office attire, but the colours are totally different to anything I would normally go for. This is a very earthy palette, and I'm always in black, navy and grey. Maybe it was the nomadic tones of the tan and denim, but I felt more relaxed in this outfit, even though I had half a dress expertly folded up and tucked in. Redoing it all after a trip to the ladies wasn't a lot of fun but hey, we all suffer for style right? ;)

George at Asda #styleYOUniform blogger outfit challenge

All clothes c/o George at Asda

What a little superstar this dress is? So versatile and cute, plus it washes like a dream (mum  saying alert). I pretty much wore it every other day for a week so I was washing it A LOT, and it came out beaut each time. We have the dress version of a tea dunking Hobnob here guys - AGAIN, AGAIN! :D 

What do you think? Would a challenge like this persuade you to shed your style uniform and go rogue for a week? It's a really good way of making a change to your everyday wardrobe without spending a lot or compromising on style. Sometimes a change can do you good, don't you think?! Vote for me on the George Life & Style Blog!

J xoxo

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