Saturday, 23 April 2016

Sparkling Saturday! Bridesmaid Gift Idea With Fraser Hart

This is my third and final Fraser Hart bridal party gift idea collab before I pass the sparkly baton over to T for her picks, and this time it's one for your girls - the Bridesmaids!

As with all gifts for your loved ones, you want it to be personal without actually getting them a SATC 'Carrie' style name necklace, whilst keeping it affordable for you and wearable for them. I had the idea of looking for pieces featuring birthstones, that way your girls all get something different (errr, unless they're all born in one month - oops!) and beautiful that they can remember the day by forever!

These 9ct gold oval garnet stud earrings are £65 and I just adore them. My birthstone is garnet, and it also happens to be my best friend's and Tim's mum's too. Garnet is the symbol of friendship and happiness, so the stone is the perfect choice for either of my faves and these studs are timeless, so like my marry-aaaaage, they'll last forever - BLEURGH! ;)

Earrings - c/o Fraser Hart

Fraser Hart Garnet earrings bridesmaid jewellery gift ideas

Fraser Hart Garnet earrings bridesmaid jewellery gift ideas

Fraser Hart Garnet earrings bridesmaid jewellery gift ideas

I love how Fraser Hart stock quite a few garnet pieces in their range, so you can even cater the gift to your January girl's personal style, though I don't think you can go wrong with simple studs.

Here are my key points when bridal party gift shopping :

  • Budget. Try to remember that it's a gesture, obviously you want them to love it and for it to impress, but most of all, you want it to recall memories, and you don't need tons of cash to make those.
  • Look for something that has a bit of wow but is still useable and consider their lifestyle and job. You don't want it sitting in a drawer forever as that's just a waste of money.
  • Have fun! It's so easy to get stressed over the smallest things when you're planning a wedding, and gifting the people you love who have enjoyed helping you out in the lead up to the big day, is not what they will want you stressing over at all! 

I hope you've enjoyed my Fraser Hart Wedding feature pieces over the last fortnight, and I hope that maybe they've given you some nice ideas for your own party gifting. Tune in next week for Tara's picks and thoughts!

J xoxo

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