ChinUp Mask Review: Non Surgical Face Lift - Worth The Hype?

Sunday, 3 April 2016

We first heard about ChinUp Mask a few months ago on Twitter. A beauty blogger on our feed had tried it and was raving about how she'd lost chin fat in 30 minutes . . . and we were like, *eye roll* - mmhmm! 

I'm a bit self-conscious of my double chin, I used to have a jawline for dayyyyyyz in my twenties but as one gets older you kind of wave at it helplessly as it packs a suitcase and leaves you. My wedding is in under 6 months and I'm a tad worried about paying so much for a professional photographer and gurning into the camera, while Tara's is less than 2 months away and she will be filmed at all angles, so when an email popped into our inbox giving us the chance to try this 'revolutionary' product, we both agreed we should give it a go.

ChinUp have worked with a lot of influencers on social media and Instagram, who we kind of figured they had paid. Why? Because that's what Mr Blanc so obviously did and those whitening strips didn't work for Tara at all. Not even a little, much to her disappointment. However, ChinUp are super positive about their product from the get go and the pack even includes a little measuring tape and encourages you to take before and after pictures so part of us thought, perhaps it will work, let's give this a go!

So the strap is far from glamorous, you can't talk when it's on, you get serious jaw ache and I felt like a wrestler wearing it but who cares. The mask is supposed to promote facial blood circulation which melts away extra fat on your face, revealing a more refined shape which should last for a few days. Don't laugh . . .

ChinUp Mask review

I dutifully measured my face beforehand and then applied the magic sheet mask for a whopping 40 minutes. It tingles a lot, but the leaflet said that would happen so I didn't worry. Now for the science-y bit. The mask includes 4 key ingredients:

  • Vitamin E: Which acts as an antioxidant which protects from free radicals and the formulation from lipid peroxidation (you should probably google that because I don't really understand what it is).

  • Corum 9235: Makes the skin warm and stimulates the absorption of serum, which encourages the chin-fat to get lost.

  • Q10 Coenzyme: Stimulates cell strengthening and promotes the regeneration of skin. An antioxidant which hydrates and relieves dry skin. It's also said to have anti-ageing & anti-wrinkle properties.

  • Skintronics™: The magic ingredient which facilitates the fat release and aids in the contouring process. This serum converts fat into stabilized fibrous tissue and eases the edema under the cheeks, jaw and chin. It helps boost the density of collagen and cell tension, instantly lifting and firming up to 20%. 

So how did it go? Brace yourself . . .

Before measurement: 24cm. See the sag? Ugh, I hate it!

ChinUp Mask review

After measurement: Still 24cm. And an ever so slightly smoother line?

ChinUp Mask review

So the results? You get two masks in the trial pack which costs £29.95. The first go didn't seem to do anything, but the second run a couple of days later showed a little tightening of my chin fat and revealed smoother lines which I think you can see in the photos, but I didn't get any actual measurable loss in terms of cm. 

Would I recommend this to a friend? This is a tough one. Tara didn't see any difference at all which is why you're only seeing my results, yet I think we all want to believe that things like this will work for us which is why we buy them. Plus the online reviews are positive, so for that reason I would recommend trying it out of curiosity if you're happy to potentially waste thirty quid. Saying that, most of us will drop £30 on any given beauty product if it looks like a good time and maybe not get the results we hoped for so this is nothing new. It's always going to be hit and miss industry because we all react differently.
Overall, I doubt I would buy this to try it again. I guess it's back to dieting and repetitively slapping under my chin like my momma showed me how to do as a kid ;)

Have you heard of ChinUp and have you or would you give this a go in the name of banishing pesky chin fat? 

J xoxo 

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