Wedding Guest Style - Monochrome

Tuesday 22 March 2016

Here we are again with wedding guest style scenario number two, probably my fave of the lot - Monochrome! Black and white sounds easy enough, but let's take a closer look at some of the perils you could face if you get it wrong . . . 

  • Too much white and you get into that uncomfortable attention seeking 'wants to be the bride' area - run awaaaaay!
  • Too much black and you enter the 'Maleficent gatecrashing a magical day' area, yeah we all know she's cool AF but still . . .
  • Monochrome does not equal zebra print or snow leopard, sadly.
  • White leather accessories are just asking to be grubbily covered in make-up fingertip smudges by the end of the day - sob!
  • Black accessories are, well, boring quite frankly. I don't know about you but I very rarely covet a pair of plain black heels or a plain black clutch? GROAN.
So yeah, it's not as easy as it looks right? So here is my little guide for getting it just right . . .


All of these pieces were taken from Very, and surprisingly easy to put together! When it comes to clothes, you want something preferably with equal amounts of black and white, so a dress like this one is perfect. It keeps it light and fun, without any harsh stripes or business time lines. Accessories are key once again. I would avoid black shoes and bags, maybe it's a personal thing but I associate them with work or nights out. A wedding is supposed to be a beautiful, feminine celebration and I just don't associate black accessories with this sort of look *ducks* ;) Instead, go for a neutral nude or metallic rose gold shoe and think like a figure skater (just don't put your tights over them!), then match your bag to them. It may be quite an old fashioned thing to do but personally I think a tonally matched shoe and bag combo is the perf way to pull an outfit together. Finally frost with a few simple pieces of monochrome jewellery or some cool statement sunnies (if the weather allows), and Bob's your uncle, it's a monochromatic win!

wedding guest style ideas monochrome

I think this proves that you don't have be shying away from the chocolate fountain in an all white jumpsuit, or feeling like a dark creeper in a black block of dressed up doom when faced with a monochrome dress code request. Bend the rules a little and keep it fresh!

What do you think of this one? Is a guest dress code something you have tackled before?

J xoxo

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