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Friday 26 February 2016

I LOVE men's fragrance, not just on men but in my nose! Tim and I can't resist a little whip around a fragrance hall and I always make a beeline for the new men's scents on display. They're always so spicy and warm, something I always think there should be more of in women's perfumes. Sure we get the sexy, alluring sweet notes but they don't hit the spot for me. I guess that's the sign of a good perfume, if it attracts the opposite sex, but surely that's not the sole reason we all choose a fragrance? 

Anyhoo, Tim is a Boss man from head to toe, so when it came to this year's Valentine's gift I knew exactly what to get him, the new men's fragrance from Hugo BossBoss The Scent.

Boss The Scent Review

The 50ml is priced at around £45. It's everything I want in a men's fragrance; warm, spicy and sexy, not your usual Boss scent which I would usually associate with a fresh, sporty and everyday scent. This is more grown up, and a really welcome turnaround from Boss. The notes include Ginger, Maninka and Leather and the bottle represents a cage, capturing the spirit of seduction before it unleashes it's power - RAWR! ;)

Boss The Scent Review

This is definitely a repurchase, which doesn't happen often in our house. Neither of us have a 'signature scent', we're a bit loose and free with our fragrance, so this is kind of a big deal ;)

Do you have a favourite scent, male or female? Please share!

J xoxo

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