A Few Of My Favourite Things

Monday 8 February 2016

Sometimes you get your paws on something and you just really want to share it with someone, but you can't find a reason to other than, guys, I really love this?! So I thought to hellz with it, I'm going to show you a few bits anyhoo :)

First up, these mad fab Mean Girls socks that my BFF Stephy got me for my birthday. How adorable are they? I haven't even wore them yet because I can't bring myself to hide them under trousers or boots, they definitely require some cute heels and a sunny day to really do them justice! I think they're from ASOS if anyone fancies a pair themselves :)

You can just see the furry bag T got me behind them, also from ASOS. It's pastel perfect and I think I might be able to use it for her wedding in May. Can you see it with a pale pink dress maybe? I don't do florals so this would be the best way to get a bit of me into a pretty wedding look!

Mean Girls socks

Secondly, this awesome unicorn mug from Firebox. Timmy got me it for Christmas and I know it's kind of ridic to say, but I am seriously in love with this thing. You know when something is just so perfect?! The size is just right for a good cup of tea, not too small and not too huge like my other mugs. Also, and this is where I get really daft, it almost hugs your lips when you go in for a sip, plus it's also lightweight and the unicorn's head makes a great second handle for when your drink is just too hot so it's just SO comfortable! I sound like a mentalist for this mug, but it's changed my drinking life and I want the world to know about it haha!

Firebox unicorn mug

Lastly, this unicorn tape dispenser from H&M. I can't help myself, is it not just the perfect blogger desk buddy ever? I honestly don't know how I'll cope when it runs out, so if you get a gift from me with this tape on it, you know I really love you ;)

H&M unicorn tape dispenser

So there you have it, the four things that make me smile right now, may they long reign as my faves!

J xoxo

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