What's In My Boohoo.com Party Bag?

Friday 4 December 2015

We're taking part in the Boohoo.com What's In My Party Bag? Christmas feature, so they very kindly sent me this super cute Boohoo Boutique 'Emma' style to use as inspiration. She's a totally beaut, hinged flap box crossbody with ridic gold embellishment sat on a black leather look casing. I think this bag is around the £25 mark and it looks and feels a lot more than that so hurrah!

Anyhoo, as gorge as it is, it's also teeny, which is perfect for partying but I was a tad concerned about what I could fit in there! However, I am never one to be outdone so I set to playing Tetris inside and whaddya know, I'm good to go ;) So, what indeed is in my party bag?! . . .

  • Lippy - I'm obsessed with my new Max Factor Star Wars gold one right now, it's perf for the party season and the packaging looks straight up legit in my bag.
  • Perfume atomizer - This one is currently rocking Lolita Lempicka's Sweet which is super long lasting and a bit sexy if I do say so myself.
  • Nail polish - I'm usually really lazy and leave my nails until the last second, literally just that as I can often be found in a toilet cubicle giving them a quick frosting. Illamasqua's Hemlock is a dreamy iridescent pearly silver that dries in seconds and only needs 1 or 2 coats to look fab. In you go.
  • Hair Emergency Kit - I take my mini Denman brush and clear Invisibobble everywhere. My hair is super long and thick with a full fringe so it's prone to crapness at any time, especially if I'm dancing in a confined space. I couldn't be without these in my party bag.

Boohoo.com What's In My Party Bag

Boohoo.com What's In My Party Bag

Boohoo.com What's In My Party Bag

Boohoo.com What's In My Party Bag

But what about your phone, money or keys, I hear you cry?! Weh-elllllllll, my phone is usually in my hand, my man will either pick me up or wait up for me to open the door, and my money? Well that goes into the kitty in one of the other girls' bags of course! Ta daaaaa! 

What goes into your party bag? Happy weekend kids!

J xoxo

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