Somewhere Under A Tree Far Far Away . . . A Very Star Wars Christmas!

Thursday, 3 December 2015

There are amazing blogger gift guides everywhere, aimed at everyone, but I'm going to keep this one close to my heart - Star Wars. Many of you will know a Star Wars fan, but may not be a fan yourself meaning you just don't know what to throw your money at when it comes to choosing a gift as beautiful as Anakin's hair in Episode III. Well I'm here to help, having browsed literally every bit of new merch over the last few months in the run up to the release of The Force Awakens, so I think I'm pretty well qualified to make some suggestions :)

First up, let's kit out the ladies . . .

Recipient - The Padme. Totally into her fashion and beauty, yet perfectly comfortable nerding it out in Forbidden Planet inspecting the paintwork on Black Series figures (I may be describing someone I know here - ahem). 

Star Wars The Force Awakens Christmas Gift Guide Nixon Adidas Eleven Paris Max Factor

Eleven Paris Robot Sweatshirt - £80 at VeryExclusive. If you have the cash to drop, definitely go with something from Eleven Paris's amazing Star Wars inspired range, and this is probably my fave piece. R2 is adorable and this sweater is more chic over childish.

Max Factor Star Wars Make-Up - Exclusively at Boots from 11th December. I nabbed the gold lippy and the mascara last week in the flash sale, and yes, it was basically for the packaging, but I HAD to have them! Indulge her inner Jedi, Droid or Mystic and treat her to a lippy from the Dark Side!

Captain Phasma Voice Changing Mask - £20.95 at Disney Store. Phasma, played by the fabulous Gwendoline Christie, is the most exciting character in the series yet for us girls. She's pure awesomeness in a shiny wrapper. I would literally punt an Ewok for this under my tree. Okay that was harsh. I'd maybe growl at one. But not a baby one. 

Star Wars Stormtrooper Drop Earrings - £26.99 at Truffle Shuffle. Gosh, these are just beaut. A very discreet design worthy of a Jedi Princess.

And now to the boys . . .

Recipient - The Poe. His fate is forever intertwined with this epic saga, and sometimes you just have to embrace that and use the Force when gifting him.

Star Wars The Force Awakens Christmas Gift Guide Nixon Adidas Eleven Paris Max Factor

The Nixon x Star Wars range of watches, bags, wallets and belts are to die for. The details are so discreet and cool that from a distance you'd be forgiven for not noticing the Lucas connection. The Unit SW 44mm watch is based on fan favourite Boba Fett and costs £150 (so not too pricey considering prices go up to £2125!) and cooler than the man himself. Actually who am I kidding, nothing is ever that cool.

The Adidas mi ZX Flux - Star Wars range starts at £90 and lets you fully customise the already awesome ZX Flux style (Timmy's faves). It's so much fun, with so many options to choose from. Practice saying, 'I know', because he'll be sure to be shouting about how much he loves you when he opens these.

Moleskine Limited Edition Kylo Ren Notebook - £18.99. Last Christmas I weaned my man off his battered old Filofax (yes he's THAT old school!) and onto a Moleskine 18 Month Planner by simply getting him one with Luke Skywalker on it. These pieces are super stylish and functional must have's for the busy bearded ones.

Star Wars: Thumb Doodles - £6.99 from Forbidden Planet. This is too much fun, get artistic and relax like Jabba with this good time book for big kids!

So there you have it, a super Star Wars Christmas for all! I hope I've given you some ideas for the Jedi in your life, I know I'm definitely lusting after some Nixon for both of us!

J xoxo

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