New Look Ankle Boots

Monday 7 December 2015

I've finally got myself a new pair of everyday black ankle boots, hurrah! It should be one of the easiest things to update when the new season comes around but I've been dragging my feet (literally) for months because I couldn't commit to a style, until I saw these bad boys from New Look. These black square toe brogue boots were just £27.99, and it was actually the red version that caught my eye first, but the black won through in the end. 

Last year I rushed into buying a much plainer pair of black round toed ankle boots and pretty much regretted it from the start. The heel was a bit higher and also brown, and I felt like they didn't go with anything I was wearing so I pretty much shelved them after a few weeks. This pair have that little bit of brogue detail which is really nice, and the heel is a much more comfortable height and most importantly, black! I'm really quite taken with this style, what do you think? 

New Look ladies boots

Outfit : Hat, Top, Coat, Jeans, Bag - F&F, Boots - c/o New Look

New Look ladies boots

New Look ladies boots

New Look ladies boots

I love the masculine styling and the way they let my jeans sit partly in partly out of the boot, so casually cool. They're really comfortable too, no breaking in required which is a revelation for me because I'm usually breaking out the plasters for weeks!

A 100% improvement on my old black ankle boots, which I can finally send to the charity shop :)

J xoxo

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