Love Aroma Yankee Candle & Woodwick Christmas Candle Range!

Friday 6 November 2015

Okay, it's November now so we can officially start thinking and talking about Christmas and gift buying - squeee!

One of my fave things to both give and receive is a good premium candle, so I jumped at the chance to review a couple from the Love Aroma Christmas gift guide! Love Aroma are the largest independent Yankee Candle retailer in the UK, offering over 60 fragrances, as well as stocking other well known home fragrance brands such as Lampe BergerWoodWick, Stoneglow, Kringle Candles, Lily-Flame and madebyzen amongst others. 

I was sent two candles from their Christmas range to review for you, Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Medium (£18.99) and WoodWick Autumn Comforts 10oz Trilogy (£17.99), both were very well packaged and arrived safe and sound :)

You can always count on a Yankee Candle, they aren't a world favourite brand for nothing! I look forward to the Christmas range every year because the scents often fall into my fave types, think warm, spicy and sweet fragrances. My fave Yankee ever is Frosted Snow, found in the Simply Home range this year for some reason, so I was majorly excited to receive Sparkling Snow which appears to be the updated version of my old favourite. It's described as 'the crisp, naturally fresh scent of gleaming, snow-covered pines', but don't be fooled into thinking you're going to get a pine-fresh bathroom cleaning product scent, it's a lot more complicated than that. It's definitely crisp and fresh, but the pine doesn't come through for me. Instead I get a sweet, almost candy-like scent similar to those white candy sticks we used to call sweet cigarettes as kids! It's literally perfect and my nose adores it. The wax is a beautiful shimmering off white, and would look fab in any festive display. The burn time is around 65-90 hours which is standard with this size, and more than enough.

Love Aroma Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Woodwick Trilogy Autumn Comforts
Love Aroma Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Woodwick Trilogy Autumn Comforts

Next up we have the WoodWick Autumn Comforts Trilogy. WoodWick are probably my fave candle brand, not only are the scents amazing but the wooden wick puts out a fab crackling sound that I can't get enough of! The WoodWick Trilogy candles are always a good time, 3 layers of complimentary scents that gradually burn into each other to create an ever changing fragrance. This one is just beaut. It starts with Sonoma Sunset, a fruity peach blended with bergamot, cinnamon, sweet balsam and vanilla. Then it moves onto Pumpkin Butter, a yummy buttery and spicy pumpkin blend, and finishes with Apple Crisp, think fresh apple slices baked in caramel with a crumb crust - NOM. And all the while the gorgeous crackling wick is doing it's thing working through the fudge-like coloured wax. The burn time is around 100 hours which is amazing for this size, and believe me you won't want it to end. I find the crackle extremely soothing and it's hard to give up when it runs out!

Love Aroma Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Woodwick Trilogy Autumn Comforts
Love Aroma Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Woodwick Trilogy Autumn Comforts
Love Aroma Yankee Candle Sparkling Snow Woodwick Trilogy Autumn Comforts

Either of these candles would make a beautiful gift for any lucky loved one, but the WoodWick has the edge for me simply because it's not as well known as Yankee so it has that extra wow factor when they inevitably fall in love with it. 

For more Christmas candle gifting ideas check out the Love Aroma Christmas section, there's something for everyone and delivery is free over £30. This could get messy!

J xoxo

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