Vintage Laura Ashley Dress

Monday 7 September 2015

Typically, I'm not one of those girls who wears vintage clothing. This is for a few reasons but mostly because I'm rubbish at thrift shopping (I never find anything) and secondly because I can't find pieces which suit me.

A few months ago, I headed to a Fashion Salvage event held at the Bristol Textile Recyclers' warehouse in Bristol. We were given a clear sack which we were allowed to fill with pieces we'd like to give a new lease of life. There were some incredible pieces floating around (generally at the bottom of huge sacks) but I was being cautious as I already have a massive wardrobe and I didn't want to add to it, just because. 

During the rummage (I was dreaming of finding a vintage leather jacket) I came across this awesome Laura Ashley dress! After a bit of a Google, I'm almost sure it's from the 1980s. It's actually a size 6 but the sizing was completely different back then so it's more like a loose size 8.

Laura Ashley Street Style
Vintage Laura Ashley dress: c/o Bristol Fashion Recyclers

It's such a beautiful, feminine dress and a much cherished new addition to my wardrobe. It would look better with a belt to pull it in at the waist, but I just wanted to dress comfortably at the weekend so wore it as it was. Laura Ashley is such a timeless British brand and I'd love more flattering vintage pieces.

In other news, we're doing more and more wedding planning! My veil has been purchased and we're starting to tick off our 'things to do' list. I can't believe it's just over 8 months until the big day... Waaah.

Do you have a love of vintage clothing?

T - About the same age as this dress.

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