Stylish Luggage With Eastpak! Tranverz S Curls Review

Monday 14 September 2015

I love to travel but as we've been saving for our wedding for the past year, we haven't been able to justify many trips away. That being said, we are planning 2 honeymoons (1 small trip after the wedding and a proper trip later in the year) but unlike my holiday wardrobe, my luggage is always pretty basic. Every time we're in the airport and I promise myself I'll buy a cool statement case because I always struggle to spot my boring black case on the conveyor belt, but it never happens.

WELL, I can finally wave goodbye to my boring case and say a big HELLO to this beautiful Tranverz S Curls travel bag by Eastpak! Both Jade and I love Eastpak. My cheetah backpack is my blogging backpack of choice and it always comes with me on overnight trips away, but it's nice to welcome a bigger piece of Eastpak luggage into my life.

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Eastpak Luggage Review
Eastpak Tranverz S CurlsJacket & Jeans: River Island - Boots: DUO - Case: Eastpak (c/o)

I did secretly hope this Eastpak Tranverz S would come in cheetah print, but this stylish curl print isn't far off. It's been cleverly designed with double deck storage and lots of pockets for extra storage. It's also really lightweight when empty and glides smoothly across the floor. Jade also has the same style in a different print and as soon as they arrived, we both agreed we would use them as overnight bags for each other's wedding next year (although I could probably fit Sam's clothing in here as well)!

Speaking of weddings, I feel Sam & are becoming more and more organised! So far we have our beautiful barn venue confirmed, our photographer sorted, my dress & veil have been ordered, we've arranged to meet with our florists (so many ideas...), we've set a date to go see a potential wedding band and we've found our videographer! I must confess finding a videographer was the hardest task because I have such high standards! I would happily sacrifice designer heels to pay for our videographer - he's definitely the best I've seen and I've watched hundreds of videos... 

My next task? Book my hen weekend! There will be no pink feather boas and sashes (SPEW), just a trendy loft in Barcelona with my faves, plenty of cocktails and shopping.

Do you like to travel? Are you an Eastpak fan?

T - Wants to book a trip away!

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