Hugo Boss Menswear at Tessuti

Tuesday 22 September 2015

Tim is a Hugo Boss addict. This love is serious, and it's not entirely uncommon to find him literally head to toe (or beanie hat to socks/shoes!) in his fave designer brand. He likes how classically styled and discreet it is, and you can't fault the quality. In fact, he loves it so much that we have been looking specifically at Boss suits for our wedding! 

With this in mind, he was thrilled when designer store Tessuti sent him a beaut grey Boss Orange Pioli Polo Shirt to start his new AW15 wardrobe off, along with a care package of manly things to make him feel spesh. I'm sure Tara's Sam will agree that it's always fun for the boys when one of our faves think of them, and just one of the many perks of being a Rawrboy eh? ;)

Outfit: Coat - Boss Orange, Top - Boss Orange c/o Tessuti, Jeans - Boss Orange, Trainers - Adidas Gazelle.

Hugo Boss menswear at Tessuti

For as long as I can remember Tessuti has been one of my fave shops in Chester. My mum would take me shopping there as a teen and treat me to designer goodies (yes, I was spoilt!) and since then it's always been my go to spot when I have something nice to look for, particularly when buying gifts for Tim because I know there will always be something he will love from their huge Boss range. Tessuti has since branched out with stores across the country and of course online, so now everyone can enjoy their eye for fashion!

Tim picked out a pair of classic cut indigo denim jeans to compliment his new light grey top, and pulled on one of his casual Boss coats and fave navy Gazelle trainers to dress down the look. This is 100% typical Timmy, as sure as Tara will be wearing a fedora, he'll have a bit of blue or grey Boss on his person somewhere!

Hugo Boss menswear at Tessuti

Hugo Boss menswear at Tessuti

Hugo Boss menswear at Tessuti

When it comes to menswear Timmy and I (imagine me doing the Queen's voice there) do prefer a casually classic outfit like this over something uber trendsome. Some guys suit that look but we prefer to keep it simple over here, plus Tim's footballing thighs just don't do skinny jeans! Tessuti stocks all our fave brands in one place and you know you can always nail it with a few clicks online if you can't get to a store. Speaking of, I haven't yet checked out the new Liverpool store on the New Mersey Retail Park so that's a must do for this weekend (via an M&S Food lunch and a nosey in Smyths OBVS).

Ahhhh I do love taking pics of Tim and being on the other side of the camera for a change, and I often wish Tara and Sam lived closer so we could take pics of each other, it would be blogger bliss! 

P.S. Hope you're liking the new blog layout, feedback is welcome! We're working on the load time by the way, if you're struggling with it please bear with us while we try to iron out some of the cracks!

J xoxo

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