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Wednesday 2 September 2015

My bathroom is always bursting with new products that I'm giving a whirl, and recently it's been taken over by my last Anatomicals haul so I thought I'd do a little review for you guys who might be thinking of trying something from this fun, tongue in cheek brand that you keep spotting on ASOS as you browse!

The first thing you should know is that despite looking like a cool, probably expensive cult brand (after all they are stocked in Selfridges!), Anatomicals is actually one of the most reasonable body and facial care brands out there right now starting at around £3 and barely reaching a tenner!

My last haul included Smoother Butts Love Coconuts Body Lotion (£3.99), Be Good With Your Hands In Bed Night Time Hand Cream (£3.99), Never Lose Your Cherry Lip Balm (£2.45) and From Worrying Complex To Wonderful Complexion, a set of 3 facial care sachets (£3.49).

Anatomicals review

Smoother Butts Love Coconuts is a coconut and mango scented, rich body lotion. My other half loves the smell of it and it definitely leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth, even my shins which are notoriously as dry as a good martini - hurrah! 

Be Good With Your Hands In Bed is a hand cream formulated for overnight use. My fiance has actually been using this more than me. He has a manual job and works with his hands all day in changing weather conditions which plays havoc with his poor mitts. I can vouch for this little tube doing it's stuff, we've definitely seen an improvement. Now if Anatomicals can invent a hand cream that applies itself I think we'll be all set . . . ;)

Never Lose Your Cherry is YUMMY. And yes, I am one of these people who practically eats lip balm if it tastes good. Cherry flavour (and scent) is one of my absolute faves and this balm does exactly what it says on the tin for a teeny £2.45. I like to use it all day as an alternative to lip gloss because it gives a beaut natural sheen.

Finally, I tried the face care sachet set, From Worrying Complex To Wonderful Complexion facial care set. It looks like this but I um, used them without taking a pic (SHAME!), so this pic is from ASOS where you can also buy it from . . .

They were all nice on the skin and fun to use, but my fave of the 3 was the Hawaii Five-Glow tropical hydrating face mask, which made my skin really soft and fresh feeling for a good few days. If they did this in a tube I would snap it up and use it on a regular basis. These sachets are good value because if you're careful you can probably get 2 applications out of each one. I also think they'd be a good starter kit for a teen hankering after some skincare (I remember how attractive these sachet masks were to me as a kid in Superdrug!) because they seem mild on the skin.

So overall, yes, it took me a while to jump on this bandwagon but I'm on it now and it's pretty addictive! I think I'll be trying some shampoo next, and the rose scented body cleanser. Can you guys recommend anything from the range?

J xoxo

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