Relaxing On Bank Holiday Monday With Tommy Tou Sheepskin Slippers!

Monday 31 August 2015

I know a lot of people like to get up and do stuff on a bank holiday, but not me, I like to hole up with a pile of good things in my fave loungewear and RELAX!

I was recently sent a yummy pair of sheepskin slippers by Tommy Tou, so I thought today would be the perfect day to try them out for the first time. Made from the finest 100% sheepskin for total comfort and warmth, with a durable EVA sole for trips to the garden ;) They're £39.99, so quite reasonable in comparison to some other sheepskin brands, and come boxed ready for gifting!

So here's my bank holiday laydown - a good blu-ray (The Book Of Life is a really beautiful, feel good animation and if you haven't seen it then please do!), a trend led blog research read (thankyou Maybelline!), something to fill in (Listography is the shizz!), yummy candles to relax the mind (The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles is top notch), a cute colour for my nails (I barely have time to do them in the week these days) and finally, the obligatory bar of my fave chocolate! Perfection!

sheepskin slippers

These slippers are so plush, it feels amazing to wriggle my toes in them! I've been wearing sheepskin boot slippers for a while now and I've forgotten how nice it is to feel a bit more relaxed in a mule style. The colour is 'mushroom', which kind of reflects my state of mind today!

sheepskin slippers
sheepskin slippers

They also comes in a super all over fluffy style for the same price, so if you like a bit more fuzz for your money then definitely check those out! Tommy Tou also does hats, headbands, mittens and gloves - a one stop winter snuggle stop :)

What are you up to today guys? 

J xoxo

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