Menswear: How to Nail a First Date Outfit

Monday 3 August 2015

I think it's fair to say some men struggle when it comes to finding their style. I'm quite lucky that Sam knows his own mind and is a naturally snappy dresser, he won't wear anything he doesn't feel comfortable in and is pretty fashion forward. I know there are many men out there who are always looking for a little style advice, which is absolutely fine too... I'm always looking for more fashion tips!

House of Fraser have challenged bloggers to dress one of two 'undateable' men who lack fashion sense and need some help. It's a simple challenge, pick either Jarrod or Melvin and create an outfit they can wear on a date. I was instantly drawn to Jarrod, purely because we have the same statement sunglasses and I want him to look as good on the outside as he feels on this inside. AWWW.

Like most guys in their twenties, Jarrod's a social chap who loves a bit of banter (and possibly a cheeky Nandos). I created a smart casual look which I think would be perfect for some first date drinks in a trendy local bar. 

Jarrod's first date outfit:House of Fraser Undateables

Here are my top style tips:

Tip #1: Clean your shoes
If you have new shoes, always wear them on a first date. Dirty, scuffed shoes are a major turn off. When I was single, I judged every man by his shoes. True story. It may sound harsh but if a guy is willing to take the time to clean his shoes, it suggests he'll be willing to put the effort into other things...Like relationships.

Tip #2: Keep it simple
I wouldn't recommend wearing crazy colours of jazzy prints on a first date. Of course if you're a fun guy who is a bit nutty, stay true to yourself and knock yourself out, but otherwise opt for flattering, conservative shades. I would recommend wearing no more than 3 different colours.

Tip #3: Get your jacket right
Decide on the look you're going for and opt for a suitable jacket. Do you like smart blazers? Try wearing it open over a smart tee. If you're an urban fox, opt for a lightweight zip jacket like this burgundy one. This jacket is also available in several other colours including a pretty awesome khaki - something I'd recommend for Autumn/Winter.

Tip #4: Wear denim (which fits)
Okay, first thing's first, your jeans need to fit you. They can't be too small or too big, they need to fit properly. Secondly, dark colours are considerably more flattering so go for these. I'd suggest a black, dark grey or dark denim pair. Avoid jeans with rips or *shudders* fading. So many men's jeans have ugly bleached patches on the front. Avoid these like the plague.

Tip #5: Accessorize
Am I the only watch obsessed woman out here? I am always checking out men's watches. If you have a nice watch, I'm going to mention it. Even if you're a stranger. Wear a decent timepiece - it's a good talking point! I also love a man in a hat. This beanie is edgy but not a massive statement piece. Stylish dudes wear hats. Remember that.

So there you have it boys! My top five style tips for a first date. All of my outfit are from House of Fraser's latest menswear collection and I tried to pick a pretty affordable selection. If you're a man who struggles to create fashionable outfits or the men in your life just need a little inspiration, I've also created a celebrity style Pinterest board which you can check out. It's perfect for undateables but also just for guys in general.

If you fancy styling either Jarrod or Melvin, you could win a whopping £1000 gift card to spend instore or online. Wowza. You have until Friday at 12pm to enter. 

Do you have any style tips for men? Do you think Jarrod would look good in this outfit?

T - Team Jarrod!

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