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Tuesday 4 August 2015

I think it's only natural that our style evolves over time. As much of you know, I'm getting married next year but I'm also turning 30. GASP. None of my friends are married yet and none of us have kids. We're definitely a young group - even though we're nearing the end of our twenties - we're well travelled, active and live life to the full! We're not ready to settle down yet, but we are starting to grow up. A bit.

Sam's style has already started to evolve over the past year, he no longer wears hoodies and likes a good button up! My style isn't going to change overnight just because I'm a year older or because I'm married, but I have started to smarten up. A bit.

Marks and Spencer asked me to share my style evolution and feature some of my must-have's for my upcoming milestone! I've always been a fan of maxi dresses but in the past I've worn more casual styles.

Marks and Spencer Dresses

Marks and Spencer Style Evolution
M&S Pleated Lace Maxi Dress
Marks and Spencer OccasionwearDress, Necklace and Clutch: c/o M&S

This beautiful lace maxi dress is perfect for special occasions and I'm planning to wear it to a wedding later this month. I paired it with a statement floral necklace (I am starting to wear less costume jewellery but I love this) and this vibrant floral clutch. I wore this combo last week when I went out with Sam and as I mentioned in his last outfit post, some strangers commented on how 'posh' we looked. Pah.

When I get married, I'm still going wear ripped jeans, studs and trainers, but that doesn't mean I can't wear fancy frocks and sophisticated ensembles. My personal style is gradually changing but it's only natural! I'll just need a lot more occasion wear because I'll be attending a lot more weddings - 3 of our friends are engaged so far!

Has your style evolved recently? Are you approaching a big milestone/life phase?

T - Feeling like K-Middy.

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