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Monday 10 August 2015

Endless Jewelry recently got in touch to see if I wanted to pick out a charm and bracelet from their huge collection. Now I'm not going to lie, the brand was new to me when they introduced themselves so I had to check out their online store to get a feel for them, and I'm glad I did! Hailing from Denmark (loving our Euro brands right now!), founder Jesper Nielsen (of Pandora fame) teamed up with super talented designer Christina Hembo to bring us their fresh take on chic leather wrap bracelets adorned with silver, gold and rose gold charms. I was most intrigued to see that they have a Jennifer Lopez Collection, which excited me no end because obviously Jen and I are physical twins so I figured her designs would be right up my street ;)

Endless Jewelry Jennifer Lopez

Endless Jewelry Jennifer Lopez

So basically the first thing I do when browsing a new online store is put 'leopard' into the search box, if even one thing comes up, then we're good to go. Endless pulled up 14 'leopard' pieces which is unusual for a jewellery brand. GAWP. Seriously, try it, I can't even deal. So after much deliberation I chose the Leopard Cut Silver Charm (£25) and the Nude Bracelet (£35) to go with it, figuring it was a nice everyday combo. Delivery was next day and the package included a fab bracelet stand and charm holder for your dressing table! 

It's BEAUT. The bracelet is a super soft leather and closes with a safe magnetic clasp, while the charm itself is really teeny but so detailed and well cut. I'm instantly hooked to be honest, I think I'm going to be pressing Tim and daddy for new pieces until it looks like the JLo one above! Isn't it pretty?!

Endless Jewelry Jennifer Lopez
Endless Jewelry Jennifer Lopez
Endless Jewelry Jennifer Lopez

I actually love how good it looks with just the one charm on it as some bracelets can look sparse and unfinished with just the one on. This actually looks like it's supposed to be a solo piece but I've put together a little charm wishlist throw down imagining what my bracelet might look like if it was a tad more put together - SWOON!

Endless Jewelry
I'd mix my metals and have a touch of green in there to match my jade engagement ring, and obvs there's a leopard and studs theme going on in there too! So which charm should I get next? Have you heard of Endless Jewelry before?

J xoxo

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