Bridal Hair With The ghd Rose Gold V Styler!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

As you know, Tara and I are both getting hitched next year, and so we've been playing around with lots of hair and make-up ideas in prep. I was generally thinking I wanted my hair down, long, big and wavy, but ghd challenged me to create something a little different using their beautiful Limited Edition ghd V Rose Gold Styler (currently £20 off online with code GHD20), and how could a girl say no?!

The colour though, it's so glam and perfect for a bride to be! The set comes with matching sectioning clips and coordinating heat resistant roll bag, essential for storage and travel (honeymoon anyone?). I know everyone says it but ghd truly are the shizznit. I also have the Eclipse styler, the AIR hairdryer and use several of their styling products, and they make everyday styling a breeze.

Seeing as I've always wanted my hair down for the wedding, I thought I'd research some updo's and took to the ghd Hairstyles page for some inspo. If you've never checked this bit of their webby out then you definitely should, it's amazing and full of all sorts of ideas with step by step video instructions. I found this Bridal Hair video where the stylist basically creates loose waves using the ghd styler, then sections the hair into 2 pieces and ties it together as you would when starting a bow! So simple, but so effective?! If you watch the video in full you'll see that she ends up with a full updo style after beautifully pinning it all into loose curls, but I decided to leave the front pieces long and only pin the back sections up to give a little height, I think it looks fab, still total bridal glam but with a bit of an edge? 

The right side of my hair is basically just pulled back and hairsprayed to keep all the flyaways in place, so there's not much going on there but it might be nice to pin some sort of embellished clip there if you don't want it that simplistic? My 'veil' seen in these pics has a big bow at the back (just seen) so I didn't think it necessary to further accessorise, but it's a choice every girl has to make for herself ;) I also styled my usually straight fringe into this nifty full side version to counter the 'blank space' on my right side. It was really easy, I just pulled it over to one side in small sections using the styler, then set with hairspray - ta daaa!

The ghd styler creates a lovely soft wave, perfect for putting super long hair like mine into a romantic style like this, just make sure you use a heat protection spray beforehand. I love how the lengths get shorter towards the back with the longer tendrils at the front framing my face, it's a bit of a nod to 80's rock chicks like one of my personal faves Wendy from Prince and The Revolution, and even draws inspo from side shaved styles seen on the likes of Rihanna and Natalie Dormer, which is pretty cool. 

This has really put me into a bridal hair tizzy now as I was pretty adamant that I wanted my hair big and blown out, but this looks so nice that I might have to go back to that drawing board - OH LIFE!

Huge thanks to ghd for the styler and the awesome ideas! 

J xoxo

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