Adidas LA Trainer Weave at Foot Locker! Summer Shorts #Approved!

Friday 7 August 2015

Timmy has a trainer obsession to rival Tara's! He rarely strays far from Adidas and Nike and favours the freshest whites, the coolest greys and the occasional splash of blue, so when I presented him with the new Adidas LA Trainer Weave in White (£64.99 and exclusive to Foot Locker) his little face lit up. Or maybe it was the glow from the blinding white precious' coming from the box making him go all Gollum, hard to tell ;) Regardless, we waited for a shorts #approved day to roadtest them because muddy ground and rain is not a friend to all white fabric footwear and tip toeing through the tulips isn't a very attractive look for a bloke . . . 

Outfit: Hoodie - OnePiece, Tshirt - Hugo Boss, Shorts - Hugo Boss, Watch - Hugo Boss, Trainers - Adidas c/o Foot Locker.

Adidas LA Trainer Weave Foot Locker #approved

Tim spends his weekdays in engineer workwear complete with kneepads and 9200 pockets filled with allen keys and tie wraps, so when the weekend kicks in he likes to relax in simple casual looks like this (unless I'm dragging him out to somewhere nice), but he's all about quality and rarely buys throwaway fashion or bits from high street stores preferring designer menswear pieces bought online or from boutiques. Branding is always discreet though, and colours are kept to a classic mix and match palette of blues, greys and neutrals like these khaki Boss chino shorts. 

So the Adidas LA Trainer Weave, in all their white on white glory, fit into his wardrobe perfectly. Minimal branding and mesh fabric that's a tad tighter than his other faves the ZX Flux makes for pristine summer styling, and a nice alternative to Converse or Vans for those who prefer a sportier shoe.

Adidas LA Trainer Weave Foot Locker #approved
Adidas LA Trainer Weave Foot Locker #approved
Adidas LA Trainer Weave Foot Locker #approved

Tim had a little reminisce about the original LA Trainer styles that were popular in the 90's, and likes that Adidas have stayed true to the original design but updated it with the modern mesh and mono look. The LA Weave is as comfortable and cool as it's Adi bro the ZX Flux but more supportive around the foot, and they have a smarter, streamlined look so more of a shorts or slim cut denim shoe. No loose fit dark denim here please, can you imagine the dye rub?! ARGHHH!

Foot Locker are on their game lately, and fast becoming our go to store for new trainers for all of us, the Foot Locker Exclusive styles like these are must haves but sell out so fast so you have to be on it! The four of us like to keep up with the new drops via their Instagram and Twitter pages, 100% Rawr Gang #approved!

J and Tim xoxo

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