Sili Sunglasses Review: Indestructible Sunnies?

Thursday 30 July 2015

Some friends of ours had a BBQ a few weeks back and they were wearing some super cool new sunglasses. They started telling us about the brand - Sili sunglasses - and how they are polarised, flexible and completely custom made. I fell in love with the wayfarer shape and my friend's tortoise shell design and Sam was intrigued by the removable arms...Yes, removable arms!

So the theory is, if you sit on them, the arms will just pop off! They are *almost* indestructible. I am ALWAYS sitting on my sunglasses, when we go on holiday I have to leave my designer pairs at home because I will break them. These new sunnies are pretty darn genius.

Oakley Sunglasses Alternative

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I'm just going to put this out there, I don't like Oakley shades. Sure, they are really practical, but they are a little ugly. When we trekked a snow covered active volcano in Chile, I borrowed someone's polarized Oakley's. Yes they did the job and I was grateful for them, but I wasn't feeling very stylish when I reached the top. These sunglasses are the stylish person's alternative! They are also considerably cheaper... So they are the savvy, fashionable person's Oakley alternative. HA.

Both Sam and I customised our own pair of sunglasses. I opted for tortoise shell with black lenses and a pair of pink extra arms, and he decided on black frames with brown lenses and green arms! You can buy lots of different arms to change them up a bit and as we both have Sili sunglasses, we can share our arms. Double the fun.

Popping the arms on and off is easy and the frames do have a bit of flex to them. They come in a nice sturdy case with room for your extra arms. If you live an active lifestyle, you need these in your life. There are so many colours and options to choose from and I can't stress enough how affordable they are for the quality. I am an absolute convert. I will be reaching for these over my ray-ban's in the future!

Have you heard of indestructible sunglasses? Which pair would you pick?

T - Team Sili.

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