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Monday 15 June 2015

I've wanted a pair of Carrera sunglasses for ages, mainly because I've seen Gwen Stefani rock them for years and she is the queen, but also because they're just so darn cool looking! Their Champion aviators are iconic and have been seen on Al Pacino in Scarface, Robert De Niro in Casino, Lady Gaga in the Bad Romance video and Rihanna in the Rude Boy video - WHEW! 

With such a steady flow of amazeballsness behind them, Carrera are relaunching this year with a more sophisticated image and a new tagline to match - 'Out There', redesigning their classic Champion and Panamerika styles for a more stylish and streamlined look. Camo print and interchangeable mirrored lenses are also new to the brand, bringing a modern and edgy twist to their classic racing heritage and no doubt attracting a whole new generation of Carrera fans.

So I'm now extremely proud to present my new Carrera Champion sunglasses (£86 from Sunglasses Shop), aren't they just fab? I honestly feel like a rockstar in them, it's so hard not to pout and hide from the paps that aren't following me tbh.

Sunglasses c/o Sunglasses Shop
Carrera Champion Sunglasses

They're SO comfortable and light on my face despite being quite large framed, and don't pinch at all. I can see why Gwen consistently updates her collection each season! This Light Havana colourway is perfect for accessorising a boho or seventies outfit, but they also come in black and silver for a modern, smarter look.

Carrera Champion Sunglasses

Do you like? I very rarely find a pair of sunnies that I want to wear (being a childhood specs wearer I tend to avoid any sort of glasses wearing as an adult, crazy I know!) but I just couldn't resist the offer of adding Carrera's to my wardrobe because the styling is totally on point! I'm looking forward to seeing how the relaunch goes this year with the new styles dropping, I can't wait to see who picks them up!

Check out the full line of Carrera sunglasses at Sunglasses Shop :)

J - If I was a rich girl . . .


  1. Absolutely love these!! I love the Carrerra line and might even prefer the designs to Ray-Ban now but definitely love mixing both up for summer and really want to add to my collection <3

  2. Yep, you can definitely rock these! They're awesomely cool! xxx


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