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Thursday 21 May 2015

This week I've been relaxing in style with Arran Aromatics. Founded in 1989, Arran Aromatics has developed into one of Scotland's best loved brands with a worldwide following, and once you try one of their uniquely fragranced products it's easy to see why they are so popular!

I was gifted three products to try; After The Rain Bath & Shower Gel (£12), Feel Good Formulas Lavender & Black Pepper Mineral Muscle Soak (£9) and Perfumer Wild Gorse Candle (£20) - to the bathroom! . . .

The 'After The Rain' fragrance is one of the Arran Aromatics big hitters, inspired by founder Janet's desire to capture the unique fresh scent of her Arran garden after a rainstorm. It's described as an irresistibly fresh fragrance to make you feel awakened, cleansed and rediscovered. It contains essential oils of Lime, Lavandin, Mandarin, Juniper and Cardomom and blends citrus top notes of lemon with rose, musk and precious woods to form the heart and base notes. The gel is also enhance with Pro Vitamin B5 for skin condition. 
Basically, I am a fan. It really is like a summer shower in a bottle, energising but calming all at the same time. It wakes me up in my morning shower and relaxes me in my evening bath, bizarre, but I'm not arguing! I'm also very keen on the pure clear liquid which makes a beaut filter for a good sunset, as you may have seen on our Instagram ;)

Arran Aromatics review

Whilst the bath and shower gel is all mine, the mineral soak is good fun for everyone. Cleansing, healing and exfoliating sea salt packed with essential oils of Lavender and Black Pepper combine to leave skin glowing and toned, with a stress busting fragrance to boot. Tim and I are pretty hooked on this stuff, and we're usually big advocates of the XXL bubble bath, but it feels so good to just lie in a hot bath of clear sweet smelling water and chill out to the scent. Can I also say that it's a bargain at £9, I was expecting this to be at least £15-£20! The packaging is gorge and it would make a bargainous gift for any bath fan!

Arran Aromatics review

Finally, the Wild Gorse luxury scented candle - the perfect accompaniment to bathtime bliss! The scent is warm and sweet with a teeny hint of floral (my dad actually thought it was some sort of vanilla), complimenting the mineral soak perfectly. Each 30cl candle has a burn time of up to 35 hours, and on it's first run I got a bit carried away and let it run for about 5 hours straight, yet it is still perfectly even (no pesky wick valleys) and has hardly reduced. £20 may seem expensive for the size, but this is from the luxury Perfumer Collection range hence the premium price. Arran Aromatics also do the Arran At Home and Essential Collection candle collections where you can pick up a candle of the same size for £10-£12 if these are a bit out of your budget.

Arran Aromatics review

Overall, fine holiday fun, two very enthusiastic thumbs up! 

If you like the sound of these products, why not enter to win a selection of travel products from the Arran Aromatics range on their blog here? The competition ends on Sunday so still plenty of time to get your entry in - race you there!

J xoxo


  1. Oh wow, all 3 of these sound perfect to wind down to. I've really been getting into bath salts recently :) These sound great for the affordable price!



  2. Wow £9 for the mineral soak is a bargain! And the candle sounds like it smells amazing - I am a huge sucker for candles so I'm sure I'd love this xxx

    Sam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Love the idea of the summer rain scent - and totally appreciating the Clueless quote!

    Faye x

    i wish i could wink

  4. Allure Obsessed21 May 2015 at 11:54

    Love the look and sound of these products! x


  5. I feel like watching Clueless now aha! All of these products sound gorgeous, especially the candle but I just love candles in general! xxx

  6. Barbara Bermond21 May 2015 at 14:17

    these prooducts sounds great, everything for having a good time!


  7. Everything sounds wonderful, and we really want a sniff of that candle!!

    xx 365Hangers

  8. Arran Aromatics sound immense! A summer shower in a bottle definitely gets my vote ;) And I think it's so inspiring that with 'After The Rain' Janet wanted to capture her Arran garden after a rainstorm. So quirky and cute. And gaaaah that mineral soak looks so mesmerising. Perfect for a chilled out bath soak <3

    p.s loving the Clueless ref!

    Sophie | soinspo xo


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