Melitarose London: Luxury Soy Candles!

Saturday 30 May 2015

A couple of months ago I was sent a selection of luxury soy candles from Melitarose London's newest range. Melitarose make my favourite candle of all time (Amaretto), so I was excited to try some of their new scents.

They've recently introduced an affordable range of candle tins which are available in 8 different scents. I was sent 3 samples to review, each are highly scented and boast a 35 hour burning time. I know from experience, their candles are made of the highest quality and are extremely scented. Sometimes soy candles can have a poor scent throw, but this is not the case with Melitarose candles.

Melitarose Mint and Rosemary Candle
Melitarose-London-Soy-CandlesMelitarose Candle ReviewMelitarose London candles (c/o)

Mint & Rosemary: My favourite of the 3! I have real soft spot for anything remotely minty, I love mint chocolate, icecream, showergel, and now I can finally add candles to my list of mint lovin'. The mint and rosemary fusion works perfectly and if you aren't a fan of mint scents, the rosemary takes the edge of slightly and adds a whole new dimension. This is delicious and super refreshing.

Oudh Musk: To me, this is a scent for men. Sam absolutely loves it and it reminds me of him! It has a slightly woody scent and is apparently produced from the rare & tropical Agar Tree. I agree that it is somewhat exotic, I can't quite pinpoint the main scent but it really is addictive and I can't help but like it.

Patchouli & Rose: Mmm... A fruity and floral fusion! This a slightly lighter scent but in a good way. The patchouli is a great bohemian scent, it also has notes of bergamot and orange peel, with the rose kick at the end. I would definitely re-purchase this one and it would make a fantastic gift. If 100 people tested all 3, I'm almost convinced this candle would be the most popular.

I thoroughly recommend Melitarose London, I have tried so many candle brands, including the big ones, but this is still my favourite in terms of quality, affordability and scents. It's quite a grown-up brand, the candle jars are still my favourite but I love the idea of buying these cheaper tins to try the scents before committing to a bigger jar.

Which scent would you like to try? I'm adding 'Fresh Linen' and 'Champagne Pomegranate' to my want list!

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  1. I love candles so much and these sound gorgeous! Champagne Pomegranate has piqued my interest now, hmm, I can imagine that being lovely! xxx

  2. Ooh this is a great post! I wish I could scratch and sniff :)
    I love rosemary and mint together, it's one of my favorites. I'll have to look into these.

  3. Oh I love the sound of Rosemary and Mint! Those candles look so pretty as well - always important, I think! xxx

  4. Allure Obsessed31 May 2015 at 12:47

    Oh, I'd love this in my life! xx


  5. The mint and rosemary must smell amazing! :)

    -Rupsha | Blog-Lovesicklilac | Twitter-b_rupsha

  6. These scents sound amazing - especially the mint and rosemary one!

    And I can imagine why an amaretto scented candle would be your favourite - that sounds incredible.

  7. I've been burning alot of candles lately, so I might have to give these a try!!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles


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