Hello Kitties - Batoko and Kenzo!

Friday 24 April 2015

So I didn't really go in for that whole twisty designer slogan stuff last year, but then none of them involved cats (massive oversight in any part of life tbh). But along comes awesome online store Batoko with this clever 'Purmes' sweater (£40) in Cheshire Cat/Bagpuss pink and ta daaaaa, SOLD!

This is a size L and it is a tad big, but oversized is perf when it comes to a good jumper so it's all good over here! It's so snuggly and warm inside, but ice cold cool on the outside. The Batoko sweaters are so cute, you have to check them out if you enjoy a good cheeky slogan. I've seen loads of bloggers wearing the 'Fresh Baked Goods' one, and Tara has the fab 'Baewatch', being our resident beach babe ;)

Sweater - c/o Batoko catty goodness.

Batoko Purmes sweatshirt blogger

I thought it was the purrfect match for my new Kenzo watch! I won it from Indigo Memoirs, London's top notch digital magazine for epic living, can you believe it? It's beaut and I love how it ups my streetwear accessories game. RAWR!

Kenzo Tiger Watch Blogger

Topped off with the spring uniform of blue jeans and Liberty Nike Air Max, this feels like a serious chilled off duty look. I am one happy kitty!

J - Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furrrrrr!


  1. Love this outfit and a good slogan tee/jumper! I only have one slogan jumper from River Island and should probably get more ha,ha! The main thing I love is that watch it's beautiful!! xx


  2. It's love! <3 Anything with cats on appeals to me! xxx

  3. I love your watch!! <3


  4. Looks so cute! Great watch!



  5. I do like that jumper.
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