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Friday, 23 January 2015

I'm officially growing up as I'm starting to LOVE homeware. We were recently contacted by Ohh Deer, an online store which stocks quirky illustrated gifts, all made in the UK! They don't just stock homeware, they have a great selection of books, stationary, clothing and lots more.

They aim to support creative talent, stocking several different illustrators. Each illustrator gets a large percentage of the profit from everything sold and they even use recycled materials where possible!

I would describe my homeware taste as 'global traveller'. I love bright colours, vibrant prints and love to mix and match. I was instantly drawn to this beautiful floral enamelware jug, I didn't know anything about designer Jasmine White but I loved the tangerine colour and knew it was something the man in my life would also like. 

Ohh Deer Homeware Review
Floral Enamelware Tangerine Jug: c/o Ohh Deer

It was lovingly hand painted and after a bit of Googling, I discovered Jasmine was inspired by her childhood in India, she even spent a few years in the Himalayan Mountains. I would love to get my paws on some of her other pieces! This is a jug but I decided to turn it into a vase for the time being. I think it works well both ways.

I can't help but think our very own Carly Watts would be a great addition to this website. I know I'd buy her products! ;)

Have you heard of Ohh Deer? Are you a fan of UK made products?

T - Feeling grown up.


  1. What a beautiful jug and the concept for the website is awesome! I love that you've used it as a vase too, gotta love a good multi use piece of home ware. I'm not sure I could describe my home style, it's just a random mix of everything from scandi to gypsy - always travel inspired though! Abby xx


  2. Add colour to the room for sure - very nice and perfect for an energised room!

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  3. That jug is beautiful! :') I always love handmade items as they're very special to have and always have a unique story behind them! The Himalayan Mountains would be a dream to visit, so beautiful :'D I actually have a Himalayan Salt Lamp but keep forgetting to use it :) I will have a look at this website as I think these also make perfect gifts and love your beautiful photography too! Makes me wish I had a nice white surface :( xx


  4. Amazing find! Love how you describe your style "global traveller".


  5. Ohh it's gorgeous! I definitely agree that Carly's work would be perfect too! xo

  6. Oh wow these are beautiful!! I have never heard of this shop before but now I'm such a fan. I have a birthday coming up so I'm going to casually email the link to some people ... is that bad? ;)

    Happy weekend!

    xx Kathryn

  7. This is my absolute favourite type of store, I really did not need another one to become addicted to... :)

    Becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

  8. How cute. I'll have to check them out.
    Rubi | The Den | http://www.the-den.blogspot.com

  9. I was sold straight away on the name, just awesome. The jug is gorgeous!

    Jane | www.queenjaneapproximately.co.uk

  10. Ooh, thank you for the shout out bahaha! You are too cute! I love this, the yellow colour and floral pattern is just adorable :) xxx

  11. This is so cute, I think I've actually heard of Ohh Deer! xo


  12. Secret little Stars25 January 2015 at 23:24

    What a sweet story and what a lovely vase!!!

    Tatyana x

    Secret little Stars


  13. Beautiful! Love the little painted flowers! It's brightened up my day! Eszter



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