Swarovski Christmas Perfect Gift Collection! #SwarovskiPerfectGift

Monday 15 December 2014

AS IF Christmas is only 10 days away. Waaaah! If you're still looking for gift ideas, Rawr faves Swarovski have recently launched their Perfect Gift collection... You may have already spotted their Christmas advert on TV starring the beautiful Miranda Kerr!

As an extra special Christmas treat, our friends at Swarovski sent Jade and I a sparkly parcel full of jewellery pieces for the festive season. As we're both huge Swarovski fangirls, it took less than 60 seconds for us to bling ourselves up with our new jewels! Cue lots of sparkly snaps...

Swarovski Tennis Bracelet
Miranda Kerr Crystal Earrings
The standout piece for me is the Baron Pierced earrings, Miranda Kerr is sporting them in the Christmas campaign and I fell in love with them as soon as I opened the box. They have a slight blue hue and look even more incredible when they catch the light. They will be perfect for wearing on Christmas day with my new frock! They could be my favourite Swarovski piece of all time. I KNOW.

I also adore this simple but lovely tennis bracelet, as seen in the first photograph. It's a classic Swarovski piece - understated but the kind of bracelet you can wear with any outfit. This really is the perfect gift.

Bristol Swarovski
Swarovsi Perfect Gift
Black Swarovski Stardust Collection
Bourne OTK Boots
Swarovski Baron Pierced EarringsCoat & Jeans: Oasis - Boots: Bourne - Hat: Accessorize - Bracelets & Earrings: Swarovski (c/o)

I've started to wear Swarovski on a daily basis as it helps add a bit of sparkle to my working day! I'm always wearing a slake leather bracelet or a stardust bracelet like this rawrsome black one (available in 8 colours) because it's just so easy to wear. I might invest in some more of them when it's my birthday in January! A girl can never have too many. ;)

Which of these jewellery pieces is your favourite? Have you spotted the Miranda Kerr Perfect Gift campaign?

T - Sparkleholic.


  1. Ramida Dusdeevutikul15 December 2014 at 08:49

    so pretty hun!


  2. So cute Tara, you look stunning! x


  3. Hey Tara! I love these photographs and the whole outfit! You just look so chic and ladylike <3

  4. Those are stunning pieces, I love those earrings they're such a statement piece. That bracelet is great, you can wear it with almost anything, I love it in black but there are also some other stunning colours. Perfect gifts for any stunning lady!

  5. The earrings are beautiful! x


  6. I love those earrings - so gorgeous! I really like statement earrings. They look beautiful on you! xx

  7. You look very royal and elegant with your jewels and pretty outfit! Princess T ;) Beautiful! xxx

  8. Those earrings! Plus, you're so much hotter than Miranda ;)

    Becky :: accooohtrements.wordpress.com

  9. That bracelet is stunning.. I love Swarovski, their pieces are amazing xx

  10. Simoni Papaefstathiou16 December 2014 at 11:01

    i love Swarovski too! the fact that they add a bling to our everyday life is so cool! i am in love with the earrings! and the bracelet is also beautiful, cause it can be worn all day!

  11. These photos are just gorgeous. Looking such a gorgeous lady xxx

  12. My jaw just dropped! Tara you look stunning, like a model and I think you wear this jewels better than Miranda whatsherface ;) For me my favourites are the earrings, there's something about them that reminds me of The Great Gatsby! x

    Josie’s Journal

  13. Such beautiful photos!! You look so sophisticated and I love how the earrings look on you :) they really bring out the blue in your eyes and just look perfect for casual and evening wear. I always love Swarovski and find Christmas the perfect time for wearing super sparkly pieces :) My birthdays also in January :'D sometimes it can be to close to Christmas but I don't mind, haha xx


  14. You lucky lady. I love Swarovski. These pieces are gorgeous, and I love the boots! :)
    Detox Days

  15. These earrings are so beautiful and I totally agree with Josie you look just like a model! xx


  16. Those earrings are STUNNING. That coat also looks fantastic on you, I love the wrap detail! And ugh, I know, ten days...I feel like it really sprung up on me this year. I'm completely unprepared!


  17. Beautiful bracelet!! And your coat is a dream!! So romantic and elegant photos... Love! xx Eszter


  18. T these photos are gorrrgeous! Still loving all the stardust pieces, that bracelet is perfect everyday sparkle & I love that coat too, it's such a pretty colour on you!

  19. Love this outfit, you look flawless!

    Maria xxx


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