SS15 Crystal Gardens Sparkles from Swarovski!

Wednesday 3 December 2014

A few weeks ago, I attended the SS15 Swarovski Press Day in London! It was so lovely to meet the PR team behind the brand and take a sneak peek at the new collections coming out next year. Both Jade and I love Swarovski, there's just something so special about their sparkly pieces. 

Next season will see lots of wonderful, bright new colours across their collections, my favourite being the slake leather wrap bracelets and their stardust pieces. SWOON.

SS15 Swarovski Collection
Spring Summer Swarovski Stardust Bracelets
Swarovski Statement Necklace
Swarovski Crystal Gardens Collection
Stardust SS15 Collection
Swarovski Knot NecklaceSwarovski Crystal Gardens Press DayCrystal Gardens SwarovskiPhotos by Steph of FAIIINT and I.

I attended with uber babe Steph of FAIIINT and we had lots of fun in the Swarovski sparkly photo booth while sipping on bubbles! We tried on some of our favourite blingy pieces and drooled all over the Spring/Summer goodies.

I'll definitely be wearing lots of Swarovski this party season, I was wearing one of my bracelets last week when a lovely old lady stopped me to ask if was from Swarovski! Turns out she's a mega fan and we started talking about our favourite colours in the slake wraps. Too cute.

Do you shop at Swarovski? Do you have a favourite piece from the SS15 Crystal Gardens collection?

T- Adding sparkles to my Christmas list.


  1. So sparkling and beautiful! I don't really wear Swarowski jewellery, but I do love their crystal pieces - in fact, when I first met my future husband, he gave me a Swarowski crystal rose :)

  2. Oh wow, everything is so colourful and sparkly- so gorgeous! Lovely photos too, Swarovski is definitely perfect for the upcoming party season!
    Emma xo //

  3. oh em gee! loving the glitz!!!!!

  4. wow I love Swarovski <3. Love the jewelries on the 1st and 3rd pics ;) xx

  5. Yes, sparkled jewellery? Who wouldn't love that!! The first necklace is gorgeous, I love all of the colours in it.
    Rustic Elegance

  6. so much sparkle!! :O wow!

  7. I love that you had a chat with an old lady about your favourite Swarovski colours! The leather pieces are my favourite, I know it's borring when there is so much to choose from, but I'd go for the black one.

  8. Wowza! I love that collar style necklace - super pretty and eye catching! xxx

  9. SO much sparkle, wowza! I'm not usually one for Swarovski but the sparkles are calling me in like a magpie

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  10. I love the top necklace and earrings, such an unusual colour combination really beautiful

  11. So much sparkle! :) it's nice to a variety of different bright colours here. I love Swarovski and the delicate feel of their jewellery. My mum owns a lot of their items and I just borrow whatever she has! :P

    Ayesha xxx

  12. Some really gorgeous pieces! I'd be super happy to find any one of these under the Christmas tree for me! X


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