Jade's 2014 Outfit Posts Picks!

Monday 29 December 2014

Can you believe how fast 2014 has gone? Okay, so it's probably gone just as fast as they usually do but this year seems to have flown by so quickly that I can barely remember what I wore. Cue the round up! . . .

Early 2014 had me wearing a lot of blue and grey, mainly because I was still in the throes of love with my blueberry Doc's and black leather biker so my colour wheel revolved around them. I think I was probably at my most adventurous January to March this year, trying looks that aren't my usual go to's such as smock and maxi dresses. 

SS14 saw the legs coming out, with the (fake) tan peaking in May along with the heat. Summer fashion and I don't get along really. I don't do arms, so I don't do vests. I don't do toes, so I don't do sandals. I don't do tummies, so I don't do cropped tops. Therefore, I spent most of it in a simple dress or shorts with a cover up of some sort wishing it would all go away to be perfectly honest. I am most definitely the Grinch of summertime. 

The latter half of the summer brought the old me back. I usually play with trends but my heart lies with a good old fashioned street look and three of my fave basics this year were my leather joggers, ripped knee skinnies and Zoe Karssen bat pants which are all perfect seasonal transition pieces that saw Grinchey me through to September, as we all started to cool off.

And finally, AW14 came around. You may have noticed that I went outfit post AWOL for a lot of it. Weirdly, I wasn't feeling very fashion. Luckily for me, Tara is ALWAYS feeling a bit fashion so I was able to take a back seat while she ran the show. I usually blossom in the colder months but this year I couldn't find my voice in the new trends (yes, I have a blanket wrap, but no, I can't wrap it for SHIZZ!) and therefore spent a lot of my time in last year's wardrobe which was good for my wallet but not good for our blog! However, there were a few gems worthy of a show and tell such as the arrival of a new Lulu Guinness bag, the wonderful Little Black Dress and a nifty little Wildfox and Timberland number, which was the last of my 2014 looks.

Okay, so this is a tad Jerry Maguire mission statement of me but I don't know, maybe it's my age now? I remember being in my late teens/early 20's and thinking hmm, when will I stop caring about clothes in favour of world affairs and a glass of Pinot? And having this idea of your mid-thirties being THAT dreaded age. Now I'm there I can definitely say that I do still care very much about clothes, VERY MUCH, but I do now find myself less willing to experiment with trends. I spend less money on fast fashion and prefer to wait and save for that big ticket item. I'm cleaning out my closet and wishing there were more expensive, classic pieces in there instead of the 9200 things that I bought in a whim because they were on sale. OH MY FASHION LIFE. How cruel you are!

I'd also like to point out something I've just noticed, that aside from a brief dalliance with a very short fringe in early summer, my hair has been the same length and style all year round. I may as well collect my pension now *CRIES*. 

How has your 2014 style year been? Did you wrestle with fashion like me or find some new fave trends that will stick with you into 2015? 

Thanks for sticking with us this year guys, every one of you means so much to us :)

J - Quarter and a bit fashion life crisis.


  1. Well I think sticking to the classics is the way to go and I'm 21 so it's not an old way of thinking I say ;) you always look so good though, never boring x

    Josie’s Journal

  2. You had many nice outifts to choose from, these are a nice selection.

  3. Love these outfits and how your not afraid to experiment with different styles and colours :) I used to be terrible for buying sale items to only wear them once then put them up on eBay for much cheaper than the price I paid :( I have stopped this now and trying to just buy pieces I would wear more than once, so typically I just buy what I like and normally don't follow the latest fashion trends unless I feel it's suited to me :D Hope you had a lovely Christmas xx


  4. I think you looked just stunning in all your outfit posts, but Jade 'The Little Black Dress', you absoutely rocked it!

    Gems x

  5. I was a BIG fan of the short fringe - looked super fly! You look great in everything J! xxx

  6. I love the way you style your outfits, you always look so gorgeous! xo

  7. Jade! I love your outfits! I would pay to have you style me every day!
    Hannah Rosalie x

  8. Totally don't do toes either - urggh! But I love sandals, which is why I'm always in tights! Hah. I loooved 3, 5, 6 & 9! I'm still jealous of that orange Grafea bag, I still don't know why I (of all people) want an orange bag, but I just do! Haha.
    I don't think I'll ever stop caring about clothes, I don't care if it's shallow, I think it's important to take care of yourself & take pride in the way you look. My hair's been the same for years, I don't think it's a bad thing though, I love your hair like this & it really suits you, so why change a good thing? ;)


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