In The Box - Muru Talisman Diamond Swallow Gold Vermeil Necklace!

Monday 20 October 2014

So you may have seen that we were rather generously gifted by Muru last week, with Tara wearing the Muru Talisman Rose Gold Feather Necklace in her outfit post, but I thought I'd do a boxed post with my Muru Talisman Gold Vermeil Diamond Swallow Necklace (£70) seeing as Christmas is looming and it might be an idea to check out how bits are actually boxed for gifting purposes?

The white box with regal purple plush inner looks classy and a bit swish, perfect for gift giving, but the contents are the star! You get a sweet little message card, detailing the meaning of your chosen Talisman. The Swallow is the Talisman for Freedom, recognised for it's swiftness of flight and free spirit. Totz me. I was always regarded as a key player in the 400m relay. 

Muru jewellery

Muru Talisman Swallow necklace

Isn't she a beauty? Delicate but solid. I chose classic yellow gold because I've been heavily investing in rose gold lately, and I rarely wear silver, so this was my swallow of choice. 

Muru Talisman Swallow necklace

I think anyone would be over the moon opening a Muru piece, especially if you were able to match the Talisman to something that was special to them. Are they looking for love? Try a bow, heart or hummingbird. Are they feeling down lately? Try a feather or acorn. Are they about to embark on an adventure? Maybe gift them with an elephant or anchor. There really is something for everyone, with prices starting at just £28 for earrings. Check out the Muru Talisman Lookbook and get inspired :)

J xo


  1. I didn't know there's a meaning behind swallow necklace. The gold is so pretty!


  2. Ah, it's very cute! You guys seem to have an awesome jewellery collection these days! xxx

  3. So pretty, I am majorly magpie-ing right now!

    Em x

  4. I love swallows & this is so pretty, beautiful presentation too! I will forever be a sucker for a pretty gift box or package!

  5. Ahh, this is just divine! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  6. That Muru Talisman Gold Vermeil Diamond Swallow Necklace is gorgeous! Their heart, hummingbird, padlock, elephant, peace symbol, anchor, key, peace heart and other necklaces are all very pretty!


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