Bath Fitting Room - #DuoBootTribe Blogger Event!

Monday 27 October 2014

One of the many perks of being a Bristol fashion blogger, is that I get to attend local blog events and hang out with some of my favourite south west bloggers! A few weeks back I hopped on a train and headed to the #DuoBootTribe event, held at DUO's Bath fitting room

I visited DUO earlier in the year during the Bath in Fashion blogger preview, where I remember drooling over their SS14 footwear. I was excited to head back to the store and discover which boot tribe I belonged to! I had a sneaky suspicion which camp I'd fall into, but had fun browsing their latest AW14 styles while I socialised and sipped on some bubbles. Tasty.

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Duo Morton Biker Boots

Every DUO shoe is available in 3 different widths which is pretty incredible! I had no idea which width I needed but the extremely helpful DUO girls sized me up and we discovered I needed a narrow boot. In the end I opted for these rawrsome Morton Biker Boots. Perhaps I could've went for something a bit more adventurous but I wanted to pick a style I could wear every day... The Morton boots are so me!

At the end of the night (rather unsurprisingly), the ankle boot was crowned the most popular style with a whooping 60% of us joining the ankle boot tribe. I guess most of us are just Alexa Chung wannabes. ;)

During the night I had a good ole chat with some of my favourite blogger babes, including Megan of The Briar Rose, SJ of Ship-Shape and Bristol Fashion and the always lovely Lorna of Raindrops of Sapphire (pictured above).

Huge thanks to DUO and Octane PR for inviting me, I had an absolute blast and I can't wait to feature my new boots in an outfit post!

Do you own any DUO boots? Which boot tribe do you belong to?

T - Biker babe.


  1. I do like a nice ankle boot, and I'm looking forward to wearing my over the knee boots more this autumn! Great to see there's more SW events going on like this - fabulous :)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty -

  2. Love every kind of boots! Hope you enjoy the event! xx Eszter

  3. I love ankle boots but I bought a pair of knee-highs last week and I think I may be converted!!

    Love the biker boots as well *thumbs up* xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  4. Secret little Stars27 October 2014 at 10:45

    OMG just attended the Edinburgh DUO event last Thursday and totally agree - so much fun! I can't wait for my OTK beauties to arrive! :) Leopard print Ankle boots were my second choice if the over the knee boots were too tall - they were, but I loved them too much haha!


    Secret little Stars

  5. They have so many gorgeous styles. I got a pair last year and they are just amazing - The were OTK but i think i'm more of an ankle boot girl! xo

  6. I love the heeled ankle boots with the cross over straps, they're my kind of boots x

  7. Thank you for the introduction to the brand! Really like your choice! x

  8. Oooh, I've never heard of this brand before! I loooove when placed offer different widths.. I have wide feet and it can be such a pain trying to find well fitting shoes! Absolutely love the boots you picked!

    // Oh Dollymix

  9. This sounds like a great event and I think you made a great choice with the boots you chose. They look like they're great quality and are going to last you a long time!

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  10. Thanks for sharing this amazing event!

    I already spotted some boots :D haha

    Hope you will stop by to check out my new posts!

    Happy Monday!


    Top 5 Luxury Watches!
    Bedroom inspiration kids!

  11. Every pair is so gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing the pics, and loving all of the boots!!

    xx 365hangers

  12. Looks like such a fun event, I love DUO Boots! They're such good quality. I'm definitely an ankle boot girl too, the bikers you chose are gorgeous x

    Josie’s Journal

  13. I've been going to Duo, and sending clients there for years as the fit you get there is fantastic! I
    have to admit that the selection of styles didn’t used to be great, but they've really upped their game over the past couple of years! I LOVE the tall quilted biker boots and they have some awesome ankle boots in too. Sounds like a fun event, I would have loved to have gone!!

  14. I always struggle to find a tall pair that fits my legs. Glad to see the snug fit of the long boot in the photos. Time to get some shoe shopping!

  15. LOVE these boots! I'm normally an ankle book kinda gal, but those knee highs are calling me. Strangely enough just today I was thinking I really want to try out a pair of knee highs then I stumbled upon these - fate?!

    Drea xo

  16. I am desperate for a good pair of biker boots for the Winter months, to make my dresses a bit more weather approproate. I love that Duo pair, so simple and wearable!
    You are one lucky girl T :)

    Gems x

  17. Ah, so pleased you had a wonderful time, it looks awesome! Or should I say rawr-some ;) ^_^
    I can totes see why you opted for the biker boots, as soon as I clicked onto the link they screamed "Tara" at me! The taller boots in shot three are absolute stunners too! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  18. Looks like you had an amazing time!

  19. This was such a fun event and it was so nice to catch up - I can't wait to bust my ankle boots out in an outfit post :) x

  20. Boots and a little buffet! I might have to buy some new ankle boots because mine tore open the other day! xxx

  21. Ah yes, the season of boots has arrived <3
    Great post!



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