Next Embroidered Folk Tunic

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Last Sunday I hopped on a train, and 12 minutes later I was shopping in Bath with my mum for some good ole retail therapy. It was a surprisingly warm day so I decided to wear this embroidered folk tunic I bought in the Next sale a few months back. It reminds me of Tom Ford's Spring/Summer '12 collection and is similar to a traditional Romanian blouse.

There was no need to wear a jacket or coat, so I embraced my inner boho girl and rocked my blouse with a taupe Primark fedora, some Wildfox jeans and a pair of Chatham Marine boat shoes.

Boho Street Style
Embroidered Folk Tunic
Chatham Marine Boat Shoes
Primark fedora
Tunic: Next - Jeans: Wildfox - Hat: Primark - Sunglasses: Ray-ban

This fedora was an absolute bargain at £7! My hat collection is getting a bit out of hand, I can't quite remember how many fedoras I own but I should probably stop when I get to the 20 mark. I love shopping in Bath and I even bought my second Christmas present of the year (I knoooow, blame Jade). I actually took these snaps in front of Primark... I think Bath must be home to the prettiest Primark store.

Bath's streets are perfect for posing in but annoyingly, whenever I whip my camera out in public, a thousand tourists want to walk by and get in the shot. I think my DSLR is a crowd magnet.

Have you ever been to Bath? Are you a fan of the boho trend?

T - A mad hatter.


  1. I've already picked up a couple of Christmas presents too! Love this outfit Tara x

  2. Golly gosh Tara, you're such a beauty! You look wonderful girl x

  3. I've seen this Primark fedora a few times now, it looks great! I love the embroidered top look - too bad we're going into Autumn now; it would've been amazing to have had one this summer!

    Saskia /

  4. oooh! You look lovely, the tunic is so pretty! xo

  5. You can never have too many hats! xxx

  6. Ooh very unique looking tunic. I love Bath. xx

  7. Aaw, I love your blouse/tunic - it's very pretty! I think you've swayed me over to the boho side, I totally appreciate it more these days! xxx

  8. Loving how you styled this tunic way too much and your loafers are just the cutest!!

    xx 365hangers

  9. Love the outfit! So jealous of your hat game.. wish I could pull off fedoras haha

  10. You look so cute in a fedora.. I look ridiculous haha! I bet those shoes are ridiculously comfy xx

    Gemma |

  11. This blouse is beautiful - I wore a similar vintage one on a trip down the Bristol to Bath cycle path a few weeks ago :) Bath is beautiful but so busy! I went during their Christmas Markets season on year and trying to take photos was a nightmare! x

  12. Lovely blouse and hat, the outfit has a really nice bohemian vibe :)

  13. Great hat! Bath is so beautiful, one of my favourite places! Seems like lovely time spent with your mum.
    Eco-Chic: African Autumn

  14. I do need to find a fedora... This one was in deed a bargain! Plus it is really great. I'd love to go to Bath one day ;) xx Maeva

  15. Oh seriously how cute and chic is this outfit - love the embroidered tunic and those boat style shoes are amazing, as is the hat - intact the whole outfit works so well

    Laura x


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