Sound The New Watch Klaxon - It's SHORE PROJECTS!

Wednesday 27 August 2014

Oh we do love a bit of yummy arm candy here in Rawr Towers, so you can imagine the smiles when the butler brought two lovely Shore Projects packages to the Wardrobe West Wing . . .

If you're a regular reader you've probably already seen Tara's silver and mint Poole style in her post last week, and now it's time for a close up show and tell from me and my new Portland! Shore Projects is inspired by the beauty and fun of the British seaside and these watches are also waterproofed to 100m so they can be worn when swimming in the sea on the aforementioned seaside hollibobs - cute! 

Anyhoo, the Portland is a gold/silver plated casing with white face, retailing at £115. Without wishing to sound like I fancy a schmoke and a pancake, I LOVE gold. It went out of fashion favour for years but it's now definitely my metal of choice when it comes to jewellery, and this is actually my first gold watch, and what a beauty! 

Watch - c/o Shore Projects, Bracelets - Karma Feeling, ChloBo, Monica Vinader.

Shore Projects watch review

The Portland comes complete with a mint green strap, which is lovely for summer but my heart lies with a darker palette really, so I chose the Classic Green with Gold Clasp strap (£20) for a change. The straps are beautiful and actually made from leather and covered in the coloured nylon so they feel really sturdy, and they're super easy to change with the simple little slide and click mechanism. Ta daaa!

Shore Projects watch review

Isn't it purty? Here's a little factoid for you to finish with. The brand was actually started by a group of friends who noticed one day that none of them wore a watch! I love brands with back stories like that, it's the type of thing Tara and I dream of doing one day (T, I know you'll be thinking of our sealife tails and fins swimwear line when you read this, it could still work bub). Good stuff.

Overall, fine seaside holiday fun, consider us fans for Shore! ;)

J - Shore thing.


  1. I've seen a few shore watches and I have yet to see one I don't like, such classic designs!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  2. I never wear watches - maybe I should start! This one is stunning. You guys should totally start your own brand! xx

  3. Lush watch, I never wear them because I'm so clumsy I always end up smashing the faces.
    Maybe I should just give them another try and be extra careful.

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  4. This is so nice, I love how you've gone for a darker green...good to see something different other than pastels! x

    Josie’s Journal

  5. I love this, that colour is so pretty! Love the sound of that swimwear range too! ;)

    Maria xxx


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