Benefit - They're Real Push-Up Liner Review!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner Review
c/o Benefit

I've been a huge fan of Benefit cosmetics for the past 10 years, I love trying out their new products and I was recently sent this little bundle to review! First impressions were really good, if you've read another blog review you may already know that this package came with a working video (you just insert a USB cable and BOOM, it plays) ...Seriously. Bonus points for creativity!

They're Real Push-Up Liner
I don't usually use liquid liner, I tend to use a pencil eyeliner for quickness or a gel liner if I'm feeling fancy. I don't have the steadiest hand in the world so I was a bit apprehensive about trying this! Thankfully, it's extremely easy to use. The rubber tip allows you to get really close to your lashline (something I sometimes struggle with) and because it's a pen, application is just approx 19191 x easier. When I first swatched it, I was shocked that it wouldn't budge when wiped. This stuff is heavy duty and hella long-lasting - result! Figuring out how to get the liquid out wasn't the easiest...Thank goodness for Google. *Apparently* you click the base 1-2 times to and then the gel appears, but on the first use I probably had to click it about 10 times before anything happened.

I still require a lot of practice before I get the perfect application, but next time I wear it in an outfit post I'll be sure to mention it! I think it's a pretty reasonable price for a Benefit eyeliner which is so long-lasting. It's obvious a lot of thought went into the design of this, those Benebabes sure know their stuff! Would I recommend it? Hellz yeah if you have a steady hand!

They're Real Mascara
I was also sent a mini version of the They're Real Mascara which I've already been using for a little while. I know this mascara has been heavily raved about in the blogging community, but anyone who has it knows how darn stubborn it is to remove. Although the added volume/lengthening is undeniable, fighting to get it off every night (and losing a lot of lashes in the process) completely put me off. I was team BADgal all the way. UNTIL...I tried this little product:

They're Real Eye Makeup Remover
TA-DA! This makeup remover is a must-have for anyone using the They're Real Mascara or Eyeliner. Ooooh boy. Battling to get your waterproof mascara/eyeliner off is a thing of the past thanks to this baby! It removes eye makeup with ease and has made me fall in love with the mazzie. Double win. I can now have awesome statement eyes without the fear of taking half my eyelashes off before bed.

Have you tried any of the They're Real collection? Are you a fellow Benebabe?

T - Hella impressed.


  1. I'm soo glad they've introduced a remover as I find the mascara a pain to remove too! Totally loving the usb idea too :)

    Style Sunrise ☀


  2. I don't think I've ever seen you with kitten flicks! I really love the mascara in this range - I was lucky enough to win one and I'm super impressed! xxx

  3. I actually love it because of its pitch black cream. Some people don't like it that much, but for me it pretty works! xx

  4. I tend not to use many eyeliners as I just dont have the steady hand for it - it usually ends up all over my face.
    I love the sound of it, but better stick with pencils to be safe :)

    Gems x

  5. I've also been a Benefit fan for yonks. I used to be all about the BADgal mascara before I tried They're Real a couple of years ago - it's my favourite by far but I agree that it's a pain to remove - might have to try Benefit's remover!

  6. What a cute set, Benefit have such great quality makeup! The makeup remover sounds good, removing mascara is always a tricky one!


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