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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Next month, The Style Rawr turns the grand old age of 4! When we first started blogging in 2010, we didn't know of any other blogging duos, but times have changed and more people have realised blogging is much more fun as a pair or group! In celebration of our time together and blogging teams around the globe, we've created a new blogger tag Q&A . . . 
It's designed for spreading the fun of being part of a special partnership or team! Answer the ten deep and meaningful questions together as a duo or group, or tag a pal from another blog and compare answers! Here we go! . . .

How and where did you meet?
We met in Ponyville, when Princess Celestia sent us in hot air balloons to learn how to make friends. 

First impressions of each other?
J: I thought she was just the coolest chick I'd never met, and I needed her in my life.
T: I remember telling another friend how foxy she was and that I had serious hair envy.  

What's your favourite memory together?
Tara fighting arguing with angry gay men as Jade held her rings at a Gaga concert. Ahhhh, good times . . .

Favourite inside joke?
The RPattz prayer, the God Bless Taylor meme and #PRRequest for sure! If you follow our personal accounts on Twitter you may be familiar with these already ;)

What are your favourite pieces from each other's wardrobes?
J: This is harrrrrrrd but I'm going to go with Tara's spiked DM's and matching satchel, GIMME DOSE!!
T: This is tough because there are so many pieces I want to steal from Jade's wardrobe! Probably her Neon Grafea Rucksack. SWOON.

Who do you both crush on (man crushes count too!)?
SO many minor duplicated crushes as illustrated on out Pinterest board, but we would have to have a dance off for Robert Pattinson if it came down to it. 

If you could set up a business together, what would it be?
Rawr Boutique. Rawr PR. RAWR Personal Assistants To Taylor Kitsch and Jason Momoa Inc.

What would your band name be, and what would your debut album be called? 
It's quite likely to be something along the lines of 'Drogo's Go-Go's', and our album would be called 'Pawrental Advisory'. The cover would be Jade's cat King Pele wearing a SpiritHood sitting atop a chariot pulled by Leonardo DiCaprio, with an Oscar dangling in front of him like a carrot to spur him on to victory.

Great blogging accomplishment?
We've been nominated for a magazine blogging award every year we have been going so far. Party on Jade. Party on Tara. 

Best thing about blogging as a duo/team?
The sharing and caring. We've said this before but it's still so true . . . there are 167 actual miles between us on any given day, but 0 mental miles at any given second. BOOM. 


We hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better! If you're a fan of our blog and have a spare minute, it would mean a lot to us if you'd nominate The Style Rawr for 'Best Blogging Duo' in this year's Company Style Blogger Awards 2014 with Missguided!

If you're also a blogging duo/team, please take the Friendship is Magic Blogger Tag, we'd really love to read your answers! We tag the lovely Jo and Victoria of She and Hem, please girls - do it for the cats! ;)

J & T - Peas and carrots.


  1. What a lovely and interesting tag and its incredible to think you guys live so far apart but still managed to keep such an incredible blog together and put such hard work into every post together! I also nominated you both under "Best Blogging Duo" a couple of days ago! :) Good Luck and I really hope you guys make the short list as you both deserve it! xxx

    1. Thank you Jenny! Your support means loads to us :) xxx

  2. Lovely tag, it's great to read more about how you met and get along ! I also nominated you for best duo hope you get shortlisted :)
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  3. 'Drogo's Go-Go's' Oh man, I want you guys to make a band now just for the sheer awesomeness of that name! Love everything about this tag <3 I'm really hoping that you are going to win this year, I have my paws firmly crossed - you guys are the best! xxx

  4. Aw 4 years! Wl done girls. I love your style and the way you always make me smile when reading. Here's to four more years! Xx

  5. I love how passionate you guys are. I remembered the first time that I found out your blog, I thought to myself "These two girls are pretty cute with a different of styles!; one is pretty sweet, while the other is a rock chic!" And I love the fact that you actually read the posts of bloggers not just comment and go. Keep it coming dolls, I love your blog so much :) Hopefully, we can meet sometimes soon <3 xx

  6. Such a cool tag, and it's wonderful you have such a long lasting friendship with many memories and have built such a wonderful blog from it!

    A very happy birthday for next month, here's to another 40 years!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  7. Wow, love your blog! Congrats for the 4 years! xx

  8. I loved reading this, you two are my fave blogging duo! xxx

  9. Aww this is so cute!

    Maria xxx

  10. Love this you guys! You NEED to become a band now, I would kill to see that album cover on the shelves! Bahaha! :D Voted for you as well, if you don't win this year Company need to have words with themselves!
    Also, pretty please can I be an honorary member of RAWR Personal Assistants To Taylor Kitsch and Jason Momoa Inc.? ;)

  11. You guys must be having so much fun! :) Go team Drogo! ;)

  12. Hahahaha your favourite memory together is hilarious! Lovely post! xx

  13. WOW 4 years! Congratulations !! <3

  14. WOW 4 years! Congratulations !! <3

  15. You made me laugh with the band name Drogo's Go-go's having a debut album name of "Pawrental Advisory". I'm really very impressed at your magazine blogging awards. I'm also impressed that you were at a Lady Gaga concert. When I first googled "full brief panties" after starting to blog Lady gaga's name came up at the top of the search. I know recently she's worn thongs a lot, but back then she was out in public in full brief granny panties a lot. Debenhams credited her with increased sales of granny panties back then.
    Leonardo DiCaprio pulling Jade's cat's chariot - what a funny imagination! I love both of your answers to this tag.

  16. Aww, this is such a cute post! You guys rock :D xx


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