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Saturday 19 April 2014

I was recently introduced to NV Colour Cosmetics and nabbed a few of their products to try out for you! 

I tried NV Flamenco Lipstick (£6), NV Mist Eyeshadow (£5) and two of the Chunky Eye Crayon's - Forest and Ingot (£5 each). First off, I do like their functional black packaging, particularly the magnetic topped lipstick and the eyeshadow case with hidden mirror and compartment for applicator, and I'm a total sucker for a twist up pencil of any kind - good start!

A quick bit of swatching to kick us off. From the top you can see Mist Eyeshadow (a must have neutral), then Forest Chunky Eye Crayon (a beautiful metallic green), Ingot Chunky Eye Crayon (a deep bronze) and a squiggle of Flamenco Lipstick to the side (an extremely wearable coral).

I used Mist all over the eyes and as a neutral base it's very nice with good coverage, this is the type of colour I'd repeat buy and use every day. Then I applied the Chunky Eye Crayon in Forest on the lid, with a touch of Ingot to the crease and lower lash line. The crayons have a very soft and slick consistency, almost like cream shadow. My first attempt at blending the colours on the upper lid just smudged the green into a wash of colour, which is nice if that's what you want to achieve but as I was trying to show the colour I went over it again and didn't attempt further blending. Lesson learnt. I think next time I'll apply Ingot to the crease first before going over it with Forest on the lid! So the top two pics are the blended looks while the bottom two are the second attempt. I do like the product and the colours are very pretty, but I think I need practice to really master the art of applying them! With regards to staying power you have to think along the lines of a cream shadow, it's going to crease with time but hey, it's a pencil so carrying it in your bag for touch ups isn't going to break your back ;)

NV Eye Chunky Crayon Forest Ingot Review

Now the NV Lipstick in Flamenco is definitely my pick of the bunch! I do love a good coral lip colour and I have wore this all week since it landed on my doorstep. It's a creamy, moisturising formula but it also lasts for ages, it reminds me a little of my fave MAC lippies, but at less than half the price - bonus! This is my summer lip look totally sorted in one product. 

NV Colour Cosmetics Flamenco Lipstick review

NV Colour Cosmetics is uber blogger friendly and their webby has been designed to be totally interactive, linking us in with the social media pages and Youtube tutorial vids so if you're intrigued by what you've seen here be sure to check it out!

J - eNVy


  1. Ooooh how gorgeous are those chunky eye shadow pencils?! I adore the khaki green shade, it looks amazing against your eyes! xx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  2. I love the looks of the green chunky pencil - the shade looks really lovely! I'm really liking all of these crayon style products that are coming out at the moment! xxx

  3. I love a bronze colour, I like jumbo eyeshadow pencils to use as a base for eyeshadow, makes it last forever! xxx


  4. Ooo, love that bronze liner! That color's one of my go-to's for eye makeup!

  5. You always have the best cosmetics girl could dream of <3

  6. I love the green crayon. I'm a sucker for a ncie green eyeshadow.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  7. Fabulous review of NV! Thanks so much for featuring! :) The flamenco lippy is my personal fave - use it every day!

    (Read my latest post ** Win £300 with Zalando **)

    Mags xx

  8. Lovely post! I also bought a couple of things by NV Colour and I also did a tutorial with some of the products over on my blog! Maybe you like to check it out. :)


    Also I Need to say that I'm really happy with this brand. And the lipstick are so nice hydrated! Love them! :)
    xx Monia :*


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