5 Things I'm Loving This Week...

Saturday 26 April 2014

I love reading these type of posts on other blogs so I decided to write about the 5 things I'm loving this week! 

1. First up is HealGel Eye, 'an anti-ageing eye formula to help diminish the appearance of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines'. I love trying new eye creams because I'm a bit obsessed with my fine lines and fighting the ageing process. I've been using this product for almost 2 weeks now and I love it. It has a nice thick, silky consistency and is very refreshing on the skin. 

HealGel Eye Cream Review

So, do I look any younger? I'm not sure, but the skin under my eyes is more moisturised which helps to keep my fine lines hidden. The other day my mum even turned to me and asked what new product I'd been using because I was "looking really youthful". UM!? That's a good enough result for me! I will buying another when this runs out.

2. Wedgwood fine bone china 'Butterfly Bloom' cup and saucer. I love a good cup of tea and I've always been fond of vintage-esque cups but it's taken me a while to locate just the right one! I'd quite like to buy another so I have a set of two but £60 for two cups feels a bit excessive, so for now, it'll just be tea for one please.

3. Barry M Gelly Nail Polish in Sugar Apple and Green Berry. The internet is full of reviews of these polishes but they really do live up to the hype. These ultra glossy varnishes are hi-shine and come in a selection of delicious shades (with equally tasty names). Green Berry is my favourite but I can't wait to buy some more colours, there's currently a 3 for 2 offer on all Barry M at Superdrug if you fancy giving them a whirl.

Barry M Gelly Nail Polish Review

Sadly, even with both a base and top coat, they always seem to chip on the first day. That could be down to me having somewhat of a hands-on job, I'm not sure. Even so, I still like them and I'm willing to repaint them every evening. I've been asked several times if I'm wearing Shellac nails!

4. Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser. I've had this beauty tucked away since before Christmas, I was just waiting for my old nspa hot cloth polish to finish before I started using it! It's a wonderful product which I'd recommend to anyone, it has a lovely scent and feels smooth and creamy on the skin, leaving my skin thoroughly cleansed. 

Liz Earle Hot Cleanse and Polish Review

The 100ml pump starter kit is £14.75 which I think is a really good price as it should last quite some time. On the nspa website there's a quote from The Mirror (ha) comparing their hot cloth polish to this one, it may be half the price but it's certainly not as good. My mum always taught me to invest in skincare and look after my skin and I think it has paid off, I have less wrinkles than many women my age. I do own a lot of Liz Earle so if anyone's interested I will review some more products from them over the next few weeks and months!

5. Black Pearl Dream Catcher Necklace. This was a birthday present from the super duper Kelly of Soul Sparkler. She always gives me such lovely gifts and I've spent the past week getting a lot of wear out of this one.

Black Pearl Dream Catcher Necklace

It seems I'm drawn to clothing and accessories featuring feathers and anything remotely boho, I've even been nicknamed feather girl by the nice lady who alters my clothes! I own a lot of feather print clothing and this necklace is just perfect for me. Kelly also believes in supporting smaller stores so I was extra chuffed when I realised it was by a sweet little jewellery brand called Black Pearl.

So there you have it, 5 of the things I'm loving this week! Do you like these kind of posts? Which of the above is your favourite?

T - aka feather girl. 


  1. I LOVE love LOVE HealGel Eye and HealGel Face.. they're both so incredible, and have made such a difference to my skin and really reduced any unevenness in my skintone! xxx

    Gemma // missmakeupmagpie.com

  2. Great choices! LOVE the dreamcatcher necklace, so pretty! I really wanna try some of the gelly nail varnishes too... those shades are gorgeous! :)

    Helen xx
    Hels Yeah!

  3. That cup and saucer is beautiful.
    I love the dream catcher necklace. I used to own a similar one that was my favourite necklace, but it broke a few years ago.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  4. Some great choices there! I love those nail polishes, such great vibrant colours. That necklace is really cute as well.

  5. I'm really keen to try HealGel eye! The only thing that has put me off so far is the price so I think I'll wait until I get a Feel Unique code! It sounds so good :) xxx

  6. I love that dream catcher necklace, I need to get me one of those!!

  7. I have yet to try Heal Gel but the cup looks so distinctive. Why ain't we rich! :)

    D, x


  8. I love Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish! So true about investing in skincare... it lasts a good amount of time too :)

    Style Sunrise

    :) x

  9. Barry M Gelly polishes are my favourite for that summer burst of colour. I agree they give such a glossy finish and look really professional, I just find them quite hard to apply and if I put the slightest bit too much on the brush I'm doomed! Not sure if this is the products fault or mine as I'm a lousy painter (the latter probs!)

    Would love to hear more reviews about Liz Earle products too. Am hoping to invest in a hot cloth cleanser set soon, about time I finally upgraded from a do it all 'cleanse and toner' methinks ;-)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  10. I agree with you and your mum - looking after skin is so important, definitely worth spending a little more to get the right product. The Barry M Gelly polishes are lovely aren't they, so shiny! My new job = chipped nails too, it's annoying when they're freshly painted! I love your teacup, how pretty!! Your necklace is gorgeous too, I love dreamcatchers :) I hope you had a lovely birthday xxx

  11. love the dream catcher necklace <3 I went crazy about dream catchers because of the Twilight saga LOL


  12. The story of your anti-ageing eye formula and your mum is funny;). Love the cup, I remember you posted it on Instagram! Nice post xoxoxo


  13. I'm loving the Barry M Gelly polishes as well. So glad you're getting lots of use out of the necklace :)

    Soul Sparkler

  14. Love posts like these! That cup and saucer is the cutest and I really want to try that cleanser xxx

  15. I love these kinds of posts - it's always interesting to read about personal snippets or products that aren't necessarily worth a whole post on their own x

  16. I just love the feather necklace! So pretty!! :) xx



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