Nail Of The Day - Jacava Strawberry Miroir!

Saturday 29 March 2014

I am loving Jacava's Strawberry Miroir nail polish so much that I just had to do a show and tell for you guys. Strawberry Miroir is a semi-translucent red jelly effect polish and just so deliciously juicy! 

As with all Jacava polish, it applies like a dream, but it looks so fresh and youthful! One coat gives a perfectly acceptable translucent red finish, but two coats give this fabulous super glossy semi-translucent jelly look - YUM!

jacava nail polish review
jacava nail polish review
Polish c/o Jacava

It's like a Lancome Juicy Tube for nails! The colour and finish reminds me of watermelon, and is their anything fruitier with a summer appeal than that?! This is without a top coat and it's just ridiculously glossy - mouthwatering! It would look SO good with a green tip and black seed dots! 

Sooooo, overall thoughts . . .

- Fun, easy to wear colour that looks good on short or long nails.
- Applies beautifully and doesn't streak.
- Dries fairly quickly making application quicker.
- Long lasting and chip resistant (I usually get a good 5 days from 2 coats and I have a typing heavy job).
- Wonderful long handled brush.
- Chemical free (8-Free) and not tested on animals!

Jacava polish retails at £14.50, and as a regular buyer of premium polish I can 100% recommend this brand if you're into paying that little bit more. 

J - Whatta melon.


  1. This colour is so lovely, it reminds me of watermelon too! Such a lovely colour for Summer.

  2. I've never even heard of this brand but it looks amazing! x

  3. I've never heard of this brand either but the finish is gorgeous! It looks really juicy and summery :) xxx

  4. Really nice nails and colour! xx

  5. Such a pretty shade!! <3

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  6. What a stunning color! I've been on the look-out for bright, summery colors for my nails just because I'm so tired of wearing dark tones hehe. Love your description of it! :-) If anything is "watermelon", I'm buying it!

    ♥♡♥ Kelsey
    Runaway In LA

  7. You're right about LancĂ´me! I love the shade but my favourite thing is the jelly effect-so summery :)

  8. Ooooo…I think the jelly effect is going to be my summer go to look when it comes to nails! So beautiful :)

    Rachel | AMomentInTime.

  9. Such a lovely colour!


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