FSL Clothing: Slumming it on the Kings Road

Monday 31 March 2014

A few weeks ago I was introduced to FSL (Filthy Sexy London) Clothing, a new British luxury loungewear brand who specialise in London-inspired slogan tees and luxury jumpers. I can't resist a good graphic tee/sweater so when I spotted this 'Slumming it on the Kings Road' jumper, I immediately wanted it on me!

FSL Clothing
Slumming it on the Kinds Road Sweater
Filthy Sexy London
Black Studded Dr. Martens
Jumper: c/o FSL Clothing - Jeans: River Island - Hat: Accessorize - Boots: Dr. Martens

For those who aren't familiar with the King's Road, it's a long and popular street in Chelsea well known for its fashionable shops... Oh the irony! My jumper was made in Portugal and then hand finished in London, I'm wearing a size 8 but I'd probably suggest sizing up if you like a looser look as it's very slim fitting. The prices are about the same as LA-based Wildfox but in my opinion, FSL's garments are better quality. This one feels sooo soft.

This particular style has been worn by Ashley James of Made in Chelsea, and my model crush Jade Thompson has another of their sweaters. Even some of the TOWIE cast have been spotted in FSL tees. They're a new brand but I can't wait for them to build on their current collection, who knows, they could be the British version of Wildfox!

As for the rest of my outfit, I can't stop wearing these ripped jeans but oh how I need a new pair that fit properly. I wish River Island would bring them back! I always get a thigh/leg work out when I wear my black studded docs because they are so darn heavy. I've been trying to break them in for the longest time, I can't wait for them to become soft and comfortable but I do love how badass they look. 

Have you heard of FSL clothing? Are you a fan of Doc Martins?

T - Slumming it.


  1. Ahh agreed, very Wildfox I love it! Can I just take a minute to admire those awesome boots though?!!? xxx


  2. Love how you've styled this, you look amazing!


  3. Love your shirt! And the boots is perfect for this look! Have a great week!!xx


  4. I'm usually not into slogan things but I've been loving sweater versions recently! This one is fab xxx

  5. I had a pair of Doc Martins when I was about 11 and haven't wore any since, but since a Doc Martins store opened on my local highstreet, I have been doing a lot more window shopping :)

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. I love this whole outfit! The top is really cute and I love the jeans you paired in with. You totally rock a pair of Doc Martins and those studded ones are amazing!

  7. loove your jeans, they are a fab fit and i love the rips too ! and those boots really are fierce damn, have to watch stepping on your tootsies haha
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk
    Vote for my blog here !

  8. This outfit is just perfect on you. :) x


  9. I always found my Docs so sore before they were broken in! I haven't heard of FSL before but your sweater sure is lovely <3 You always look stunning no matter what you wear! xxx

  10. love the jumper as well as those jeans!

  11. Can I say that I really really love you boots!? It looks perfectly matched with your ripped jeans. However, your face looks flawless :) xx

  12. Looks great on you, especially in love with the boots!

  13. That jumper looks so comfy, I'd never heard of FSL before.
    Rubi x
    The Den

  14. Love this outfit T! I still think you need one that reads 'Slumming it in Kings Landing' (copyright @insketch :-P) though x

  15. Wow! Such amazing hat and boots! Great style!

    Yesterday I started my blog and I hope you have some time to visit it :)
    Good luck!

  16. Love the studded boots! Thanks for the comment on my blog, whereabouts in Bristol are you from?

    Faye x

  17. Every year I promise myself I'm going to buy some docs then I never get around to it... high time I did! ;-)

    Sophie xo soinspo

  18. I'm American but my mom is British and lived on the King's Road in her 20s...I kind of want to get this shirt for her! It's so great!



  19. That sweater looks nice and snuggly! Love your DMs <3

  20. I know this post is all about the jumper but those Docs are on another level - LOVE them!

  21. They are looking good in those jeans. If you want to buy the jeans online then i will suggest you Streetwear Jeans Online France where you can find your best choices in jeans.


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